In report will occupy new network on August 3 day intermediary report, install ceremony of attestation of official of times cabinet new cabinet to ended in palace palace more at 5 o'clock 3 days afternoon this month local time as Japan, the 3rd installs times government the 3rd times to reorganization cabinet holds water formally.

As we have learned, reorganization to cabinet of 3 days and adjust from human affairs of civilian party high level, be in office the cry that the party expects to policy is advanced is rising, a secretary in charge of sth is long 2 rank handsome rich says this is to be based on premier An Beijin the guiding principle of 3, the optimal configuration that gets its person.

However, although cabinet reorganizationed,Japanese opposition points out, add plan lyceum problem and action of peace keeping of Na Sudan U.N. (daily paper of PKO) militia unit conceals a problem to also won't disappear at this point (party of Democratic Progressive Party) of Shou Lianfang language, the plan continues to find out suspicion in one's mind.


with how times maintain a distance before wild Tian Shengzi of general affairs chairman joins cabinet, japan ever had become the personage of cabinet official to give affirmation to weigh this from civilian party is with entire party to the person consistent impressional human affairs is arranged. Also senior assemblyman says frankly with respect to ministerial support rate, if cannot rise, that is impracticable.

Japan is fair bright party party head mountain pass Na Jinnan expresses to welcome to say: This is framework changeless, let the sedate battle array that popular feeling looks brand-new again. Another cadre expresses, the political party that is in office as combination will give support, strive to redeem national accredit.

On the other hand, the earth's surface of vigilance of a cadre criterion shows Japanese Democratic Progressive Party, reorganization through cabi

net change battle array, may make supportive rate picks up somewhat.

Original title: Ceremony of attestation of official of the cabinet that finish installs times cabinet newly to establish responsibility editor formally: Ceng Shaolin


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