American is beautiful today the consumptive pattern of money will make they become the credit card with famous whole world to block a slave tomorro

w, their card debt was achieved again recently new tall. American Colombia Broadcasting Corporation (CBS) the datagram way that federal of cite United States lays in committee says, hold of American credit card person total debt has broken through 1 trillion dollar (add up to 6.7 trillion yuan of RMBs about) close greatly, surpass the record that achieved before financial crisis 2008.

The senior analyst of CreditCards of website of credit card information Ci of Ma Teshu Er thinks, this one circumstance should ring noisy alarm bell to American, even if you feel current to still can bear the debt of credit card, but the trouble with real distance is likely also and only the Yao of one pace.

This website data shows, at present every family should return 9600 dollars on average (add up to 63965 yuan of RMBs about) , 17% what take domestic average income. It is as a result of the average interest rate of credit card 16% , the interest rate that returns some credit card is in 24% the left and right sides, because the credit card debt of every family raises 1600 dollars every year (add up to 10658 yuan of RMBs about) to 2300 dollars (add up to 15320 yuan of RMBs about) .

Although bear liability of a huge sum personally, but most American thinks to show stability of level economic situation, unemployment rate also maintains in inferior level, hold upbeat mood to future consequently. Nevertheless, warning of easy Er Ci says, people does not know when to can reach susceptive limit forever, present circumstance still may do not have critical point, but this day won't too far. The unemployed, urgent go to a doctor, interest rate that increases continuously waits a problem a moment may be to cause collapse dish element.

Shu Erci suggests people reduces debt when economic situation is good, pay off debt by the month as far as possible, be like,beware even at the same time fine for delaying payment, carry cost trades outside showing cost, condition, year a few credit card such as cost are r

ecessive collect fees. (Gao Linlin)

Original title: Innovation of total of debt of American credit card spent more than 1 trillion dollar high " the money tomorrow " responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin


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