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Support the American people that cure changes Aobama

Report will occupy abroad net on July 28 BBC report, the plan that American republic partisans abolishs cure changes Aobama fails again, senate was not passed " thin body edition " cure changes proposed law.

According to the report, senate has 51 people nay, 49 people cast ay. Assemblyman of at least 3 republic parties cast blackball. This is voting failure the 3rd when abolish cure changes Aobama.

Before this, below Telangpu's thrust, senate votes twice the plan that abolishs cure changes Aobama all fails.

Cure of abstruse Ba Ma changes a plan is the political program that Aobama offers American ex-president when the election one of 3 big topic for discussions, congress was obtained to pass in March 2010. The target that medical treatment reforms Aobama, say briefly, basically have 3 sides: It is to give those to already the person with safe medical treatment provides safe protection; 2 it is the person that is sure without m

edical treatment to those provide medical treatment insurance, enlarge what medical treatment is sure to cover a range; 3 it is charge of control medical treatment.

Regard the world as system of the biggest economy, the United States is the country that the minority in the developed country defends without cure of implementation the whole people. Gallup company investigates data to show, from 2008 financial crisis arrives 6 years of 2014, can not afford what cure is protected and do not wish to buy cure to protect " without protect a group of things with common features " rose 3.7% , exceed the 1/8 of total population.

Fall in such setting just about, in March 2010, aobama was rolled out be called " cure changes Aobama " " patient protection and act of par medical treatment " . This act was born formally in the round in January 2014 effect.

(original title is " fail again! American senate did not pass abolish cure of abstruse Ba Ma changes proposed law " )

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