In report will occupy new network on July 31 coverage of Russia satellite network, peisikefu weighs secretary of Russian president news, the United States should oneself decide what person will stay in Russia job in diplomatic corps, what person will quit the job.

Beijing of Russian president general expresses before this, the United States is stationed in number of Russian diplomacy orgnaization to will be stationed in number of beautiful diplomacy orgnaization with Russia same, all be 455 people. Say according to him, the United States just has many 1000 staff member, include diploma

t and technical personnel, still work in Russia churchyard, among them 755 people should suspend an activity.

Peisikefu will decide in the answer leaves to say when the Russia, question that who leaves the job: "This is chosen by the United States. Yesterday general Beijing respecting diplomat and technical personnel. Here is to point to diplomatic personnel not only, diplomat amount does not have so much of course. This may point to diplomat, or be not the personnel that has diplomatic place, and the personnel of local employ, the Russia citizen that works over namely. The Russia citizen that works over namely..

Peisikefu expresses, muscovite need not when Telangpu signs punish act to act again, because of

" wait to be without a meaning " ; The United States Congress before this passed the new sanction to Russia.

Peisikefu grows quite with respect to the demarcate time of leave a country of diplomatic corps personnel, whether do this say with the issue that launchs a dialog possibly at this point: "Without this meaning, this is common practice only. This is common practice only..

He says: "If ask,the number of such dimensions is cut down according to before year American requirement Russia mogs be being carried out inside the deadline of its diplomacy personnel is inhuman, lack courtesy. Because this provided longer time. Because this provided longer time..


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