In report will occupy new network on August 8 day intermediary report, river of Japanese foreign minister is wild too man pulls husband Luo Fu 7 days to hold a talk first in Manila and Russia minister of foreign affairs this month.

According to the report, both sides agrees consistently 17 days to hold negotiation of class of deputy minister of foreign affairs in Moscow, will be in to come true controversy islands is northward 4 islands (Russia says south 1000 islands archipelago) collective economy activity and advance an opinion to coordinate. Say according to Russia Ministry of Foreign Affairs, morrow still will hold conversation of strategy of class of deputy minister of foreign affairs 18 days.

It is reported, both sides considers in Fu Ladi of city of Russia far east Wosituoke will hold day Russia head to talk in September, the decision undertakes be communicationed closely. About in June because weather is harsh and call the north that stop 4 islands former insular the activity that heads for pay respects to sb at his tomb by plane, both sides confirmed the policy that will implement in appropriate in September period again.

The river is wild the desire that expressed will vigorous effort to develop day of Russia to concern. According to the analysis, he spoke of the importance that signs the peaceful pact that is premise with solving domanial problem, hope Russia just cooperates to come true as

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Original title: Day Russia will hold negotiation of class of deputy minister of foreign affairs to coordinate editor of responsibility of activity of controversy islands economy: Ceng Shaolin


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