Parliament of south Africa countryman holds a ballot 8 days, the kill that with 177 ticket support, 198 ticket opposes did not grant to pass the no-confidence motion in the light of presidential Yagebuzuma.

This is the no-confidence motion that since Zu Ma is in office, the 8th frustrate opposition offers.

[be in office Dang Qingzhu result]

Add up to what 384 assemblyman attend 8 days is voting: 198 person rejects no-confidence motion, 177 person supports, 9 person abstains.

Parliament of south Africa countryman shares 400 assemblyman, among them 249 person is belonged to hold political african national assembly (blame country is big) . If this no-confidence motion wants to obtain through, need 201 pieces of ay at least.

Reuter report, did not wait for prolocutor to announce plan ticket result, big assemblyman of country of a few blame has begun festively singing and dancing, celebrate no-confidence motion of ancestor horse defeat.

After plan ballot outcome is announced,

outside the parliamentary edifice that is located in capital of south Africa legislation to open general honest, zu Ma faces a proponent to publish an address, emphasize opposition ever distributing through media blame country suffers the people to support no longer greatly (opinion on public affairs) , this is their wishful thinking. Support is not the person with big country to hold overwhelming majority.

Zu Ma is fatidical, presidential election is medium 2019, blame country will still win victory with big score greatly.

[opposition is joking change sides in a war]

Last year, the Zu Ma of deep-set and corrupt scandal experienced distrust in the parliament second reading vote, but because of getting ministerial the party supports and peacefully pass a barrier. Last year in November, zu Mating crossed the vote of no-confidence of executive council of blame country big throughout the country.

The distrust that is aimed at Zu Ma this discusses south Africa of brief of a case alliance of democracy of the greatest opposition will put forward in April this year. By March, zu Ma dismisses the decision of finance minister causes many controversy. The economy that former money grows to be regarded as to bear the blame by many people stewards, the message that he is dismissed makes orgnaization of grade of two big international pull grade of credence of south Africa dominion low to rubbish class.

Because be not national big assemblyman to be in seat in a legislature of parliamentary be in the majority, democratic alliance still seeks the blame country big assemblyman that with ballot fashion draw sb over to one's side a few pairs of Zu Ma resent before this. Voting before beginning, blame country held assemblyman to close door meeting greatly, unite in order to ensure within the party.

Show level, south Africa opposition holds a parliament 151 banquet. From the point of final voting result, really a few is not change sides in a war of national big assemblyman.

Democratic alliance is 8 days in a statement say, it what Zu Ma and blame country do not have greatly is good that what Zu Ma and blame country do not have greatly those who celebrate, the result tonight, besides make clear (Zu Ma) outside win by a narrow margin, adumbrative still blame country is big ruined.

Mutanbu tells Jackson of blame country big assemblyman media reporter, the blame country big assemblyman of president of poll support impeach is not worth 20 person, the general that be not a country considers to give them disciplinary treatment.

[blame country prepares to change greatly will]

Blame country makes a statement after the vote of no-confidence greatly say, this voting result shows blame country big assemblyman has a principle, no matter poll,with why be being planted means undertakes, they can set out to give an option from nati

onal interest. Blame country admits south Africa still is put in a lot of problem greatly, but the success that cannot deny a country to lead next taking greatly in blame country accordingly.

Go a few years, the corrupt scandal of successive exposure weakened blame country to be in office greatly foundation. A few years ago, ancestor horse illicit is done curtilage costly decorate, employ public money of 2000 much dollar, be maintained by constitution court unconstitutional, return still decorate cost partly.

Blame country is in greatly the experience in local election weighed defeat last year, in administration capital comparing straps Tuo benefit inferior, economic center makes an appointment with and other places of the Si Bao inside writing to defeat. Political analyst is forecasted at that time, face be in office 20 come for years the worst election combat gains and the violent impetus with opposition allied democracy, blame country is big midway changes the likelihood handsome, party chairman leaves off his post before Rangzumadi.

The Zu Ma that is 75 years old will this year the end of the year ends tour of chairman of the 2nd party, blame country is big on December to sit a meeting, elect new leader. Although party constitution can'ts help stopping,Zu Ma seeks be reappointed consecutively once more, dan Zuma has expressed for many times, won't seek tenure of office of chairman of the 3rd party.

According to the view of heart new company, the popular person selected that holds the post of party chairman newly is Enkesazana of chairman of committee of alliance of ancestor horse ex-wife, former Africa respectively Delaminizuma and blame country. (azalea) (Xinhua News Agency stalks of grain especially only)

Original title: Enter successfully 8 times again by Zumadi of president of south Africa of vote of no-confidence close responsibility to edit: Ceng Shaolin


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