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Next year in January, mathematical teaching material of China classroom of elementary school of England of make one's bow.

This is covered " true Shanghai maths " textbook in all 36, can be changed besides the RMB symbol inside beyond pound mark, other content is complete one word not be born is translated into English by Chinese.

On August 5, the United States " new York Times " with " use Chinese text book to raise mathematical achievement England " reported this matter for the problem. The report recommends American can Sa this if campus learns to teach Zhao Yong, express: All the time since, asian the educational system that studying the west. This one case appeared suddenly to invert.

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England throws 41 million pound to extend Shanghai pattern

According to the report, 2009, shanghai high school student attends international student to evaluate a project to take an exam first (PISA) beat come from those who include England inside tens of national competitor, and maths is divided on average and England of first-class rate outclass, teaching staff of your whole world astonishs such achievement. Somebody calls western country the awkward hour that is overtaken this.

After this, the country of a few wests that is a delegate with England begins to Chinese go on a pilgrimage for Buddhist scriptures, the maths that studies China teachs way. Among them, the maths of Shanghai is taught most suffer chase after hold in both hands, mode of the Shanghai that be called.

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In September 2014, sino-British mathematics teacher communicates a project to start. After this is Sino-British and bilateral early or late each other sent hundreds concrete number to learn pedagogic communication to learn, affect and covered about a hundred school and several students.

British Ministry of Education announced in July 2016, england will throw 41 million pound 4 years in future (add up to) of 350 million yuan of RMB about, shanghai pattern is extended in 8000 elementary school.

Nikejibu shows the British education minis

ter of work of education of responsible elementary school: I have hope very much to the step that takes now, the study that can let young and factitious future certainly and the job of 21 centuries had made sufficient preparation; And the Englishman that we often hear won't when mathematical view will become the past.

Flower public opinion heat discusses Chinese type education

The message that England will introduce Chinese maths teaching material one, many British netizens express to welcome and expect.

Netizen @saila expresses: If go to school in those days when if having Chinese textbook, I may fall in love with mathematical class.

Netizen @vijgos expresses to wait to want to try Chinese teaching material not as good as.

Also a lot of netizens think over Sino-British between the difference that teachs a concept. Netizen @ID8296573 thinks: The differs not to depend on them using textbook between Sino-British pupil: Chinese parent can teach the child teacher of effort study, respect. If British parent also so do, british child also can obtain likewise outstanding result.

Chinese foundation teachs to set sail

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Be in early 2015, of China " one class drills " mathematical a separately published part of a book already was translated into English, heretofore already was used by more than 400 England school. The radiant emitance that Chinese foundation teachs is already more than Yu Yinglun 3 islands. A lot of countries such as the United States, Finland and south Africa, still many international such as U.N. Educational, United Nations Children's Fund Commission are organized, also pass Chinese learn from sb else's experience.

Han Yan of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed

Be worth what carry is, chinese style education goes to sea, those who go is those who learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness is double win way. British foundation education introduces Shanghai mode, hope to improve just about too the education pattern that individuation of student of lay particular stress on develops, the hope

raises due to the student general character to ask, increase education difficulty, promote a student more quickly achievement with benefit. And reform of Chinese foundation education is in derive west experience, compose is built multivariate evaluation system, gift student more counterpoises independently.

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