[round-the-world times reports integratedly] British Reuter affirms 14 days, boat of a of conflict of exploitation of oil gas of sea of the Vietnam in be being caused of late deep-sea artesian well already left related Nanhai controversy maritime space, reach harbor of island of Malaysia accept Fujian.

Reuter says, the shipping data that this company obtains shows, 14 days morning 9 when make, berth of Deepsea Metro I of boat of deep-sea artesian well is in haven of island of Malaysia accept Fujian. The data July 30 still shows, boat of this artesian well stays in Nanhai to drill the spot.

The report will say the BBC on July 24, because get in square pressure, vietnam government de

mand and the company that its cooperate stop to be in the Nanhai that has controversy 10 thousand install north 21 area (Vietnam calls 136-03 area piece) undertake natural gas is drilled. The joint-stock subsidiary that Vietnam government will extract authority awards Spanish country Petroleum Company Leipusuoer Dalisiman - company of Vietnam oil gas. The report says, to avoid China vinegary, before this 3 years Vietnam asks to lay aside exploitation all the time. But this year on June 21, lei Pu alls alone Er company begins exploration suddenly, confirm this maritime space is put in large and natural gas field.

Reuter says, 10 thousand install north the less than of 9 paragraphs of lines that 21 a

rea are located in Chinese delimit, vietnam government never the front affirms whether be this area exploration, also had not confirmed whether to stop to drill operation, just going up lunar argue says, this are state-owned authority has exploitation activity in relevant maritime space. (Li Lin)

Original title: Flower intermediary: Boat of joint-stock company deep-sea artesian well already left Vietnam responsibility of Nanhai controversy maritime space edits: Ceng Shaolin


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