Japan is applied press Korea " justice is treated " look forward to of day of experience labor record

River of chancellery of Japanese foreign affairs is wild too man adjudicates with respect to Korea court Japanese industry compensation is applied to Kang Jinghe of official of Korea Foreign Minister by the Korea

labor of impress 4 days pressure, urge Han Fang to treat look forward to of experience work day fairly. River. . .

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Egypt capital Caire produces bomb explosion event

Egypt capital Caire produces Caire of capital of Egypt of bomb explosion incident 5 days to produce bomb explosion event, cause death of a police, additionally a police gets hurt. News agency of Egypt government middle east reports 5 days, . . .

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Be heated takes storm " handkerchief cloth " the airport of border of Su Mei insularity that affects suspend air or shipping service, dock is resuming operation

Suffer effect of cloth of handkerchief of 4 days of tropical storm, for a time the airport of border of Su Mei insularity of suspend air or shipping service, dock is returning to normal in the round operation. 5 days of thousands of renown passenger, the case that includes large quantities of China tourists to stay in the airport among them has in 6 days. . .

2019-01-06 15:23 origin: ? Does Long have contraction to bend over dash forward Ф ?
Face intermediary: Own peace is Korea consistent position

Local time 4, body of Korea labor party signs up for " labor news " the problem is published to be in prominent place " of Korea party and government sturdy external policy footing " news analyst signed article. The article points out, own, peace and friendship are Korea party. . .

2019-01-06 15:20 origin: ? Does Long have contraction to bend over dash forward Ф ?
Many 6000 people is in Belgium the sea steps to greet New Year in musical sound

Many 6000 people steps Belgium the sea greets New Year to be opposite for a few Belgian, only those who experience frozen seawater immerse, a year of new ability calculates begin formally. 5 days afternoon, in Belgian Aositande, more than 6000 people is in. . .

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Meaning bank send under escort member hold a gun grab bandit to rob match a gun to reach 20 thousand euro to be grabbed

According to Ou Lian news agency of couplet of net cite Europe reports, local time on January 5, parking lot of Eurospin supermarket of city of Ao Mengze a place of strategic importance produced Buddhist nun of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of division of Italian Milan province to hold a gun together rob case. Send under escort of car of bank carry bank note member extract from the supermarket. . .

2019-01-06 15:18 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
New Zealand: Appeal of company of civil aviaton of hair of frequency of boat of unmanned aircraft trouble is strengthened superintend

The data that New Zealand civil aviation bureau releases 6 days shows, new Zealand churchyard had at least 250 thousand unmanned opportunity 2018 flying, unmanned aircraft is rising considerably to recording case of person plane harassing attack. Civil aviaton enterprise appeals those who enhance pair of unmanned chance to superintend at this point. &sh. . .

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Ma Sike: "Dragon - 2 " airship general with nobody after a month mode head flies

In new network report reported 6 days according to Russia satellite network on January 6, company of technology of American space exploration (SpaceX) president Yilongmasike expresses, dragon - 2 new-style airship will rise at blasting off with unmanned mode at the beginning of Feburary. . .

2019-01-06 15:02 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Thailand bus of a double deck capsizes, death of at least 6 people includes a 5 months big baby

According to Thailand " the country signs up for " website message, bus of sightseeing of double deck of a Thailand by way of of 6 days of before dawn cling to swallow his Buddhist nun (Pathum Thani) when, slip because of the road and capsize, cause a 5 months big baby includes on the car inside 6 passengers die, have additionally close. . .

2019-01-06 15:01 origin: ? M food?
Beautiful government " close " in get a house to remind visitor coming to the beauty sound program journey

Believe public date news according to consular and direct Chewei, because the United States closes partly federally, the tourist attraction such as the 58 states park of Home Office management, museum, art gallery suffers this effect. Be stationed in new York to always get a house to remind the near future to come. . .

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British university president believes jointly: Having an agreement to take off Europe is throughout history the biggest menace

British university president believes jointly: Having an a

greement to take off Europe is the minatory England with the greatest throughout history 150 universities president releases cosignatory letter warning 5 days to say local time, without assist. . .

2019-01-06 15:00 origin: ? Huge rock of discharge  contraction?
Chinese division studies a group 16 team member reach antarctic Kunlun station smoothly

On January 4, car of ground of a snow reachs Kunlun group antarctic Kunlun stands. Liu Shiping of reporter of Xinhua News Agency is photographed on January 4, in the road that Kunlun team motorcade advances to stand toward Kunlun afore. Local time on January 4 17 when 30 minutes, via. . .

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One bowling house of American California produces pop case to already sent 3 people to die 4 people are injured

Local time on January 5, 2019, american California city Tuolunsi, according to associated press message, one bowling house of local produces pop record at early morning, already caused 3 people death at present, 4 people are injured.  

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Day Russia minister of foreign affairs plans to talk again conclude and smooth treaty negotiation installs the times matters concerned that visit Russia

Province of Japanese foreign affairs says 4 days, river of foreign affairs chancellery is wild too Lang Ding visits Russia to 16 days at 12 days, discussion two countries concludes and the bilateral general affairs such as smooth treaty. According to program is arranged, the river is wild see on 14 days of faces Russia Foreign Minister thanks Er to build &midd. . .

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The city in gram of Brazilian north A produces 6.8 class earthquake to predict to won't cause personal casualty

Brasilia of Xinhua News Agency on January 5 report (reporter Zhou Xingzhu) A Keli city produces Brazilian north 5 days 6.8 class earthquake, still do not have personal casualty to report at present. Investigate message of bureau earthquake website according to American geology, seismic happening rules time at case forest Buddhist nun. . .

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Accept of American Alaska tower adds volcano to add coastal waters region to produce 6.1 class earthquake

San Francisco of Xinhua News Agency on January 5 report (reporter Wu Xiaoling) accept of American Alaska tower adds volcano to add coastal waters region 5 days to produce 6.1 class earthquake. Investigate message of bureau earthquake website according to American geology, seismic happening rules time 5 days at case forest Buddhist nun 18 when 4. . .

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The cross paddy of Yuan Longping and group aids southeast Asia to solve " have a meal problem "

Philippine dry season east amount to fertile project to nod production of cross paddy seed to groom class student group photo. Poor in agrotechnical center offers a plan ■ this greatly the promotion of technology of paddy of profit from cross. As we have learned, paddy of Philippine 2003 whole nation is average. . .

2019-01-06 10:24 origin: ? Heir Pan felt?
Beautiful couplet store the chairman says to keep patient to tightening up monetary policy

Washington of Xinhua News Agency on January 4 report (make friends with a man of higher position of reporter Yang Chenglin) Er of Bao Wei of chairman of committee of American federal reserve expresses 4 days, beautiful couplet store trend of economy of United States of will close observation and money market circumstances change, keep patient to tightening up monetary policy. . . .

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Rebuild to Afghanistan is contribution little? Does India answer rancorring: ? Make a present of of suddenly distant and out of sight 8 to otter?

American president Tangnadetelangpu is acid India rebuilds to Afghanistan contribution is very few, political party of Indian the government and the public is answered 3 days rancor, do not need the United States to preach. Telangpu is 2 days on press conference of a the White House decrease to seek. . .

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Brazil is beautiful to allowing in Ba Jianjun the possibility of job base supports open attitude

Brasilia of Xinhua News Agency on January 4 report (reporter Zhou Xingzhu) report 4 days according to Brazilian media, bosuonaluo of Brazilian new president expresses, be in to allowing the United States cling to the possibility that builds martial base supports open attitude. Report, bosuonaluo is in 3 days. . .

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