Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 9 report (international observes) one of truths of beautiful type democracy: The party contends for the antagonism democracy of card room

Song Ying of reporter of Xinhua News Agency

We never had worried about this drama too reality of press close to, beautiful theatrical work " card room " a main actor ever said so. Although this with politics evil fight the teleplay that is subject matter to ring down the curtain already, but the Gong Dou of American political field makes fun of to do not have the end however greatly. Not long ago, to prevent congress to be opposite the total outlay act of government of the Democratic Party polls, stannum of card of wheat of Kevin of chief of Boule republican party makes a speech continuously 8 many hours, performed party of an actual edition to contend for farce.

Antagonism is one of main features of the beautiful type democracy that boasts much party competes. Di

stinct political parties and groups is respective interest combat ceaselessly, not hesitate to sacrifice for this even country and people interest.

In recent years, american country politics is deep-set and serious inside bottle. On congress hill, two parties attack expose one's past misdeeds each other; Between government office courtyard, overrule each other time and again. Differentiate from debt upper limit, electorate the land settlement policy, measure that fight epidemic disease, a variety of issues that affect life of governmental movement, people and even national development reduce a party to contend for chip. The United States is being pulled by antagonism democracy step by step tear off to social deepness, the hazardous condition that national processing is out of order.

The ass resembles contend for grow in intensity

In recent years, two parties are in democratic, republican the space on political spectrum is larger and larger, appoint old judge nomination from cabinet, arrive from budget act case taxation policy, change to climate from emigrant problem, the as one falls of strife openly and secretly on all sorts of problems, grow in intensity.

Last year before general election, because two parties difference is passed in congress hard tardy,the deliverance that answers new coronal epidemic situation plans, presidential Telangpu allows to nominate again when standpatter judge takes up the post of old judge of federal supreme court, make two parties contradictory become acute. The man that be not descendants Fuluoyide executes the law by force of white man police deadly be related, arouse large-scale disturbance in complete beauty not only, also invite two parties around eliminate problem of the colour bar to censure each other. This year in January, the force of republic party constituency that rejects to admit presidential election outcome pounds Capitol, more the extreme occasion that let a whole world witness American party to contend for.

Since government of the Democratic Party appears on the stage this year, this kind inside fight still intense. By August, american Cong Afu sweat is brash remove army cause a disorder, two parties are performed in congress hill swing boiler to make fun of greatly. In economic domain, because deep-set party contends for eddy, united States Congress already failed the 25th year to approve governmental budget proposal on time continuously this year. Recently, two parties are returned around combat of problem of debt upper limit more than. The United States " new York Times " the comment points out, debt upper limit is one is put in 100 old factitious limitation, congress can cancel this limitation originally, but this system however continue to use up to now, because it always is used as the tool of play chess of short-term politics rich.

Emigrant problem is the problem that American society height pays close attention to all the time, also be the key domain of two parties struggle. Telangpu is in office period, severity of government office of republic party card hits illegal immigrant, its make establish border wall and kiss forcibly to illegal emigrant family child the measure such as depart, criticize strongly by respect of the Democratic Party. Since stage of Bai Dengzheng you home, tide of illegal immigrant of condition of beautiful Mo Bian lasts billowy. This year up to in September, border land of beautiful Chinese ink already had the illegal immigrant of 1.32 million person-time to be arrested, for the 20 highest data that come for years. Bai Dengzheng government office is in by force of pressure of interior of the Democratic Party should go up to emigrant problem be in a dilemma, and republic partisans censures Bai Dengzheng government office ceaselessly to open border to illegal immigrant.

Democracy reduces power play

The backside that malign party contends for is two parties consensus polarization of ceaseless clear up, politics is ceaseless the reality of aggravate, it is politician more people be based on two years one small anthology, the increase of oneself of seek of the target that pick fight of 4 years of one general election is the biggest the wishful thinking that change,

and the victim that American people reduces play of two parties power.

The United States is the new coronal epidemic situation is the most serious country on the world, at present case of illness of accumulative total diagnose already exceeded 49 million, case of illness of accumulative total death is close already 800 thousand person, and two parties still defy continuously on the problem that fight epidemic disease. Up to on December 2, the United States has 197 million person to finish have an inoculation of new coronal vaccine about, 60% what be less than total population. Do obeisance to ascend since be in office, vaccinal dimensions is in American vaccine backwater is immersed in gradually after the dilate that experienced initial a few months, obstruction basically comes from republic party side. Poisonous individual plant of heart Er tower leads inferior south in have an inoculation after each city causes Xin Yibo epidemic situation, do obeisance to ascend make compulsively at will publishing vaccine in September, rise on January 4, 2022 formerly carry out, but republic party advocate politics many states government court of this matter resort, made stop this law.

French politics is the home, unconscious cropland institute is particularly advisory Yi Xi Zhuanwen points out many meters of Ni Kemo, political polarization aggravate or your United States breaks down, american democracy already made opposite teaching material almost. Institute of general affairs of government of American Qiao Zhidui university is advanced researcher tall Shuyahede also thinks, what be no matter pay the actual content of all act that vote,, can object, because (in two parties) one party just wants to denied other one party to gain a victory in legislative domain.

Aoersen is in column essayist Henry " Washington Post " publish comment article to point out, people can see two parties cannot gain consensus on the incident that accords with national interest clearly, criticise the other side destroys voting procedure intentionally to ensure him in power, the party disputes an element more and more oneself isolation is in information bleb, over they can hear the point of view of opinion on public affairs of own one party only, still often him one party most extreme viewpoint.

Overrule political get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning

Antagonism democracy develops terminal, defy between two parties, government and congress defy, local government and defy federally, bring about a country to administer a mechanism to move toward malfunction, bring about the people to lose the faith of pair of politician, political party and even political system ceaselessly, in bringing about American society to strand the chrysalis carapace at overruling politics, lose innovatory kinetic energy.

Tens of year come, the United States federally for many times of the federal budget because of two parties contend for close, clinton assumes presidential period, record of 21 days is shut federally below Ceng Chuang. During Telangpu is in office, federally time of come to a standstill innovates again tall, achieve 35 days. Tens of 10 thousand federally the staff member stops salary, thousands of confederative project is affected. Although two parties think letting governmental come to a standstill is irresponsible behavior, but just always adopt before deadline comes rescue measure. After stage of Bai Dengzheng you home, circumstance as before such. As a result of two parties all the time cannot only then the new money on October 1 year federal budget proposal is reached consistent, at present United States Congress can pass short-term government bill allocating funds to be maintained temporarily only run federally.

Overrule political since society to tear off the report in political level for what object and object, conversely farther aggravate the society is torn off, formed the vicious circle of an ego drive inside the system of antagonism democracy thereby.

Be in the United States nowadays, I am the identity self-identity of American, gradually by me it is republic partisans the identity that I am person of the Democratic Party opposes place is replaced. Politics of the university in American dust silent Abulamoweici points out domestic Allan, 70 time photograph compares Alexandrine century, two parties constituency supports more negative attitude to political parties and groups of the other side and candidate. This year in October, skin of American wisdom library blame a when the research center announces civilian attune shows as a result, nearly 6 suffer the person that visit to think into the United States, american people fails to meet each other in policy domain opinion not only, also reach consensus hard in basic fact respect.

The civilian attune that institute of politics of institute of government of Kennedy of university of American haing Buddha released a few days ago shows as a result, in the American youth that resents 30 years old, most person feels anxious to the future of American democracy, only the person of 7% thinks American democratic system is healthy. The youth of 35% thinks, oneself have unripe annual meeting to see the United States produces civil war the 2nd times. Civilian shift work is in charge of institute of politics of Kennedy government institute to writing brush Woerpu says about, these youths will come is the backbone force of American society, in their eye, the politician of Washington prefers antagonism, is not compromise.

Antagonism is the dense disease that beautiful type democracy effects a radical cure hard, interest contention is more intense, this one feature is more striking. No less than " card room " place of medium a logion says: Politics needs sacrifice. Of course, it is the sacrifice of others.

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