In report will occupy new network on December 28 association of Japanese send out (NHK) report, a few days ago, according to Japan deep unripe work saves statistic, japanese old people sufferred family or nursing facilities to wait for mistreated incident amount 2020, achieve since having statistic new tall. The report points out, limitation of new coronal epidemic situation goes out the load that causes nurse increases, or for one of main reasons.

The report says, province of deep unripe work is in Japan inside countrywide limits, wait for the investigation that had sufferring about old people mishandling a case to family and facilities of old people nursing. The result shows, 2020, old people gets this country mistreat incident to exceed 17000, even more than increasing 2019 350.

Among them, 25 old people mistreat death because of sufferring. Investigation shows, the person that uses cruel is close 40% for the son, make an appointment with the factitious husband of 22% , about 18% for the daughter.

According to the report, deep work province expresses, japanese old people suffers the case that family mishandles to increase, ba

sically be the diffusing as new coronal epidemic situation so formerly, epidemic prevention measure is tightened up, reside home situation grow in quantity, the burden that the family nurses greatens.

Nevertheless, the amount that Japanese old people gets the employee such as nu

rsing facilities to mistreat the first time decrease.

Among them, the situation that receives the report such as family relatively decreased 2019, deep work saves an analysis to express, because epidemic prevention measure brings about family and the old people that get nurse to meet,this may be the opportunity decreases, the circumstance inside not quite clear establishment.

Deep work province still says, restart again hard of nursing facilities communicate face-to-face and open communication place, prevent to mistreat the happening of incident with this.

Original title: Japanese old people sufferred 2020 mistreat incident innovation is tall accordingly dead responsibility edits 25 people: Ceng Shaolin