The meaning of badge of Olympic Winter Games introduces emblem of 2022 Olympic Winter Gameses to design backside story to uncover secret

Be engaged in an Olympic Games designing the job more than 10 years, the predestined relationship that Lin Cunzhen feels oneself and Olympic Games knot fell to indissoluble. Lin Cunzhen revises draft on 10 thousand times inside 8 months, hand over wintry dream and leap eventually two perfect exam paper. Nowadays, lin Cunzhen holds the position of senior expert in ministry of activity of culture of Beijing winter Olympic Games Organizing Committee, the brand of abstruse meeting, figure mixes responsible Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete match landscape works.

Recently, new capital signs up for Lin Cunzhen of reporter special interview, the emblem that uncover secret designs the story of backside.

The academy of fine arts designs academic assistant dean in the center of Lin Cunzhen, dream of winter of emblem of Olympic Winter Games mixed Beijing 2022 wintry incomplete the architect that abstruse meeting emblem leaps, will more than 10 years be engaged in the design work related the Olympic Games all the time. New capital signs up for reporter Peng Ziyang to photograph

[connotation] the emblem shows scene of civilization of new era China

New capital signs up for: The Olympic Winter Games was mixed 2022 wintry incomplete abstruse meeting emblem, why to choose winter and the Chinese character model that fly?

Lin Cunzhen: Abstruse meeting wants Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete to communicate Chinese image to the world, allow the world-class activity that everybody sees winter is held in China, the winter is cannot devise way evasively.

Wintry incomplete the flying word modelling of abstruse meeting emblem, it is the expression of pair of disabled movement spirit. It wants to communicate the dream of the Dou Youfei in each disabled heart, although their body is manacled by deformity, but their spirit can be healthy and rich, can have taller pursuit.

New capital signs up for: As the architect, do you think this the emblem of abstruse meeting has Olympic Winter Games and wintry damage what kind of connotation?

Lin Cunzhen: The connotation of the emblem basically has two. One is the civilized scene that shows new era China. For instance the mass-tone of the emblem calls blue, because mention movement of ice and snow,people can think of blue and white above all. In the meantime, blue still has prospective interest, we feel China al

so has prospective color.

Another connotation is the winter Olympic motion that expression is core with the athlete.

[design] figure of badge of Olympic Winter Games includes campaign of a variety of ice and snow

New capital signs up for: What thinking in the cerebra when you design an emblem?

Lin Cunzhen: The much that I think is athletic picture, these also have on the emblem reflect. The wintry word in badge of Olympic Winter Games included several kinds of campaign, the head of wintry word resembles a fast slideway, the part among resembles ski big diving tower, emblem whole turns like again the figure skating athlete of the circle.

New capital signs up for: Your Ceng Di arrives to want to have foresight when the design, how is this reflected in emblem design?

Lin Cunzhen: Olympic Winter Games and wintry incomplete the emblem of abstruse meeting is appear after a few years, the hour that how conveys it to come on the stage, in the near future is China what kind of, must consider ahead of schedule.

There already was 5G technology now for instance, when hookup of Olympic Winter Games, if be the freeboard clear screen such as 4k, 8k, the thing that means an audience to see is clearer. To get used to the requirement of definition, I added multimedia smooth color in emblem design, increase a vision to abound degree, also offer dynamic possibility for the emblem.

[predicament] 8 months change draft to exceed 10 thousand times, ever felt break down

New capital signs up for: What difficulty does the emblem have in design process?

Lin Cunzhen: Somebody asks me previously, beijing applied a winter 2015 abstruse I make the label, continue to become a winter abstruse the emblem has an advantage more. I say this is my inferior position actually.

Become application winter abstruse when the label, I had taken out the plan that I feel best. Redo Olympic Winter Games badge, should exceed previously oneself are very difficult. I clear myself later, restudy.

New capital signs up for: What is the experience that your impression lets the deepest in the design?

Lin Cunzhen: Break down be me experience. 2017 3, in April, the design that experienced high strenth of two many months is revised, I feel him psychosis arrived the limit,

how to change dissatisfactory, each draft feels very ugly.

This condition lasted one week, I realize immediately incorrect. Close immediately machine, say with assistant first rest and reorganization period of time, condition is adjusted slowly later came over.

New capital signs up for: Did you change to design draft how many times probably?

Lin Cunzhen: Arrive from Feburary 2017 in October, I revised 10 thousand draft at least, this still is the amount that computer revises draft only. The folder related badge has the Olympic Winter Games in computer hard disk 300 many, occupied 14 G probably.

[the interlocution that be the same as a problem]

1 new capital signs up for: What kind of weight does the Olympic Games have in your life?

Lin Cunzhen: The Olympic Games has very heavy weight in my life, also be the core part of my career. I feel I and Olympic Games are having the reason that indissoluble, imagine a stylist is being done ten years very hard same kind of design.

Olympic spirit inpour my blood, the sense that the Olympic Games brings me is in all the time continuance.

2 new capital sign up for: Distance winter abstruse still have 1000 days, you is now what is experienced?

Lin Cunzhen: I feel time is particularly pressing, be apart from a winter now abstruse kick off to still have 1000 days, but achievement of our figure landscape work is revealed is to antedate to surpass time, when opening contest we this one task had ended.

3 new capital sign up for: To the Olympic Winter Games that will come and wintry incomplete abstruse meeting, what do you have to send word?

Lin Cunzhen: Wonderful, extraordinary, outstanding. Beijing Olympic Games was an unapproachable Olympic Games 2008, I hope abstruse meeting can surpass Beijing Olympic Winter Games and wintry damage 2022 unapproachable.

I begin to do Olympic Games design from 2003, had not suspended the design work related the Olympic Games ten years. Everybody dreams to go all out in work a lot of years jointly for, one blossoms gloriously finally, this is the sensation that Olympic brings to everybody. (Cheng of reporter Huang Zhe)

Original title: Lin Cunzhen: 8 months change badge of Olympic Winter Games on draft 10 thousand times responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling