League matches exceeded to perform big fight of hill of king of a day in 2019 sports season tonight on May 26, install does the harbor on Shanghai of the champion that defend crown meet stadium of Shanghai of assume personal command head-on country of leading sheep Beijing. So when does two teams game begin tonight? Where does match direct seeding look? Below small write everybody introduction below 2019 in super- on harbor Vs country installs living broadcast of game time and video address.

Before look up " " 2019 in super- on harbor Vs country installs the match to who analyse to be able to win two teams history to be at war record

2019 in super- on harbor Vs country brings match information

Game time: Beijing time on May 26 19:35

Direct seeding channel: CCTV5 sports channel (click watch)

Regard Wei Mian as champion, backward country installs 5 minutes before battle of hill of king of Beijing Shanghai day, harbor is in only on advocate take drive Lin Jun, ability lets what exceed in this sports season contend for a coronal to be concerned about continuance goes down. Install photograph comparing with the country, on of harbor attack prevent data neither to be like drive Lin Jun, add still injury is invaded, all hopes are placed in the devil advocate, 20 when go after all advocate, go up port is only play away a match just.

Be horrible! Aggression of drive Lin Jun explodes canopy, defend achieve perfection

Although be in inferior coronal group surpasses level, the country installs attack prevent data to rank mat bottom in BIG4, also be the main reason of the group that drive Lin Jun fails to enter Guo Yaguan to die. Be in nevertheless in exceed competition ground, the country installs attack preventing data is general view however numerous hill is small, suningduo surpasses circumstance to fall, install to surmount a country with 23 goals temporarily (22 balls) make the team with the fiercest firepower, but of drive Lin Jun defend, it is not to have a team to be able to be reached however.

10 rounds of matches desertion only 3 balls, until the 10th round be in by Yang Xu final phase burst open the door, how does the country exceed in this sports season move first battle throws a ball, and 2 before this throw a ball, 1 ball is the Aohandeza that build line of business advocate punished dot ball, 1 ball is the Jiang Tao that Teng of Dalian rich A makes places Wu Long oneself. And on 100 aperture photograph compares the 1000 sore of sports season line of defence, the country brings this sports season defend exceed in the row 1, already achieved perfection, at present in exceed what have 3 groups only to lose a ball to be a digit, but on the harbor on the Guan Yajun of sports season and constant desertioned mostly 8 balls, defend with what the country installs do not go up in a channel.

How is the country attack prevent data to go up all the harbor on excel

More bloodcurdling is, the country installs the field of guest of before 5 league matches of sports season, get the better of completely while hit into 8 balls, still holding the 0 golden bodies that break a ball. Of course, the country brings the show of guest field, harbor can be rivalled to

it on, the champion that defend crown field of guest of 5 league matches 4 get the better of 1 smooth keep indefectible, hit into 9 balls to throw 1 ball only, become guest field success the 2nd good team.

2018 sports season, harbor can break constant on big to in the forestall that exceeds champion, because attack,be prevent achieved perfection. Go up of sports season on harbor, of 30 rounds of matches into break a ball to be 77-33, aggression is next to constant big (82 balls) , how to advance 13 balls more than ranking the state of the 4th finally, defend, harbor criterion and Su Ning stand side by side on become optimal. But and compared last year, on harbor of this sports seas

on attack prevent the data that all is collected in certain extent to glide.

Injury is invaded on harbor still multi-line push forward, powerful group temperament is aided push advancement

Harbor goes on a few sports season, it is recumbent a battle array makes the world, this is not secret any more, once appear injury, to going up become for harbor can not move a step. However before this sports season begins, harbor sent Spaish not only on, begin from sports season up to now, injury invades team ceaselessly, whole line of defence is passed the severe test of injury, the successor Lv Wen Jun that attacks Duan Wulei, the battle of the day king hill that installs without predestined relationship and country certainly again.

However even if is such, the achievement of harbor is mixed on the photograph of the corresponding period of before this a few sports season is compared, none inferior still. Before 10 rounds of last year in super- , harbor takes 20 integral only on, keep abreast of with Lu Neng. Before 10 rounds of this sports season obtain 25 minutes, fail to sit to get the seat of bellwether, install with the country extremely dazzling 10 Lian Sheng does not have nothing to do is, if not be drive,Lin Jun opens the show that registers form, on harbor is completely qualified become leading sheep.

But rely on a battle array to make the world only, harbor can accomplish advance side by side- do two or more things at once on, mix a few years with the past the bowstring with big constant, and throw the powerful group temperament that constant king court builds finally having nothing to do is. How be with the country in exceed competition ground to grind press adversary triumph photograph to compare, the have a contest that attends before harbor 10 rounds, having many victory is to come extremely alarmingly dangerous, those who lean is temperament of so called powerful group and heart gas. Guest field 2-1 takes the competition of next an ancient name for China, harbor is pressed in the attrition on the ground by adversary almost on, but those who harvest a victory is the champion that defend crown however; Advocate the argue of field and Er of eminent of go up horse, be Aierkesen kill absolutely; On annulus 1-0 is beaten build line of business, harbor seized the opportunity with full-court match not much amount to on.

With respect to the constant as the 7 period that connect a coronal big, always can look be like the match that has explained to pull come back, go up below the case that harbor also can not take actor in occasion nowadays, pull 3 minutes finally below, this is the self-confident heart that a team that contend for a coronal must have, and this kind of self-confidence whether Shanghai is in Beijing is able to reflect in battle greatly, decide the victory or defeat of this field argue.

The most powerful backup force, on harbor is close 20 advocate be defeated by only

The country brings this sports season 5 therein a person of extraordinary powers of field exceeding a customer is taken get the better of achievement completely, and on the sports season on harbor advocate field 1-2 is installed by the country after changeover, subsequently 12 of last year advocate keep complete get the better of, 2 goals are obtained in 80 thousand people besides Lu Neng outside, the others adversary can be torn apart only at most on harbor line of defence 1. 8 of this sports season advocate, harbor is killed absolutely on besides 2-3 by Chongqing besides, the others 7 6 get the better of 1 smooth.

In other words, 20 the closest advocate, harbor a person of extraordinary powers is taken on 18 get the better of 1 average 1 negative result, be proud so of the person advocate field military successes, the country that is the corresponding period is installed and constant cannot rival mostly. Nowadays in transcend the long-distance race that contend for a coronal, powerful group leans two to reduce ability surely, the rate of downstream team taking fraction in facing, and advocate the achievement of field. Go up sports season, on harbor 15 advocate 13 get the better of 1 smooth 1 negative took 40 minutes, it is final force pressing constant is big (advocate 37 minutes) , Lu Neng (advocate 35 minutes) , the country is installed (advocate 32 minutes) the crucial factor that gain the championship.

This sports season is in advocate be killed absolutely by Chongqing unexpectedly, how to make up for the mark that this match desertions, on harbor can come back from the make up a deficiency in strong strong dialog only. Go up between before sports season 5 team right definitely, harbor and country installed this sports season to encounter 2 times on, changeover of 2-1 of the champion that defend crown + kill Lu Neng absolutely, 3-2 beats Su Ning; How is the country 1-0 takes next constant big, 3-0 beats Su Ning, from the point of the expression of strong strong dialog, the champion that defend crown is about the same with leading sheep. And the battle of this day king hill, harbor sits on embrace advocate the benefit of field, it is Peileila probably the killer mace with final team.

In addition an element must be carried, two teams are in of Zhou Zhong inferior in battle of coronal life and death, reserve of harbor 5-0 crackdown gives the Wei Shan of battle on, and it is the not needing the slightest effort is taken get the better of greatly. How is the country in Japan 0-3 is over be defeated to be mixed to riverside, and a week double contest hurries off to 2 guests field continuously, although hand of Schmidt general practicable compares Peileiladuo, it is the heart gas of team and physical ability state only, successive assume personal command advocate of field go up harbor is a bit one-up still, can you become decision match to take the hand of victory or defeat of situation?

Original title: Be horrible! How does the country atttack force to explode do the 1st exceed to go up in expressing defense line does harbor rely on temperament + devil advocate field drive enemy? Responsibility edits: Ceng Shaolin