8 strong leg are opposite America cup a team of match of list 1/4 final in group circumstance

As Japan and Ecuadorian kick 1-1 draw, current America cup 8 give heat formally also by force. In 3 groups, all of before the group two team wins promotion, brazil, Argentine, Uruguay this is traditional 3 Jiang Lianmei promotion. Be in 3 groups the 3rd in, japanese team grade is the poorest be washed out, venezuela and Paraguay success promote.

In A group, before Brazil and Venezuela are ranked two. In B group, colombia and Argentina are a group before 2. In C group, before Uruguay and Chile are ranked two. Be in 3 groups the 3rd in, peruvian accumulate 3 minutes of integral highest. Paraguay and Japan took 2 minutes, paraguay gets the better of a ball to be completely - 1 ball, japan gets the better of a ball to be completely - 4 balls, japanese team

is fallen into disuse to go out accordingly bureau.

As 8 give heat by force, the 1/4 final of current America cup is right blast Anacreontic also change. Brazil and Argentine cent are in with half area, the battle of Chile and Colombia, it is the battle of the focus of epicycle.

Final of America cup 1/4 is right b


On half area

Brazilian Vs Paraguay is Argentine Vs Venezuela

Leave half area

Uruguay Vs Vs of Peruvian, Chile Colombia

Original title: America cup 8 be opposite by force a: ? Venezuela responsibility edits Argentine battle of? of  of massacre of buttock Kun paddle: Li Xiaoling