Chinese women's volleyball is opposite a direct seeding of time of Turkey of Vs of China of league matches of women's volleyball of video of Turkey match direct seeding address

Beijing time on July 3, 2019 (Zhou San) 19:30 minutes, total final of league matches of 2019 worlds women's volleyball will spread out a focus to be opposite definitely, be opposite by Chinese women's volleyball a Turkey.

Chinese women's volleyball is opposite an address of direct seeding of Turkey of Vs of China of league matches of women's volleyball of video of Turkey match direct seeding: Click watch

First match is opposite a Turkey, it is the match that Chinese women's volleyball wins victory the most likely, if conquer Turkey team, chinese team enters semifinals basically certainly. Compare Italy, the United States,

the traditional rich and powerful family such as Brazil, turkey regards a platoon as the newly emerging force of altar, the reserve battle array of actual strength and Chinese women's volleyball is more adjacent, although Turkey still holds trifling dominant position, but also be between almost the same.

On the contest of elite of Swiss women's volleyball this year, the reserve battle array of Chinese women's volleyball once 1: 3 was defeated by Turkey, the battle array of two teams changes somewhat now, chinese women's volleyball increased Jin Ye and Yao Di, and Gong Xiang eaves and Liu Xiaotong champion of two Olympic Gameses, actual strength increases somewhat, play is good, obtain the make a good beginning of total final very likely!

What make fan afraid most is Chinese team pass, osmanli serves or have those who atttack force very much, and the battle array with national current group, pass short board apparent, a few main attack were not passed particularly excellent, pressure basically is centered on Gong Xiang eaves and free person. Total final is very big to test of Gong Xiang space, no matter main attack line is attacked prevent drop apparent, she wants safeguard to be passed already, even aggression of give attention to two or morethings, do not know to be able to be competent. Fortunately this battle array also has played the game a few times, switzerland of these two years is surpassed, basic it is these people are being hit, coordinate nonexistent

issue. The intensity of total of course final is met again big a lot of.

No matter be brunt battle array or reserve battle array,be Chinese women's volleyball actually, be in on behalf of the country the match, believe most fan or can support national group.

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