Full-court of champion of Liverpudlian super cup is answered put advocate handsome Keluopu goes straight towards half of a game or contest madly to celebrate

Beijing time on August 15 before dawn 3 when, europe is super 2019 cup, liverpudlian inside 120 minutes 2-2 battle makes the same score Qieerxi, triumph of 5-4 of dot ball big fight is held in both hands successfully cup. Liverpudlian team depends on two goals inside the horse and champion of Ou Luoba league matches Qieerxi the team becomes in 120 minutes of civil war 2: 2 smooth, through nodding ball big fight with 7: The total score get victory of 6. This is Liverpudlian team carries off the 4th times European super cup.

This field match is Liverpudlian door of group main force is short of Alisong because of the injury blast, give fight for you by Adelian. First half match Qieerxi the team is opposite more active, in in have more powerful control force. The 36th minute, after player of the field in the team pits to break a ball especially, Qieerxi organizes aggression, pass the ball to Pulixiji, latter belt ball attracts each other 4 people's air defense are defended, send note a place of strategic importance of collimation of the essence like scalpel, forward Ji Lu hurries to Liverpudlian team immediately from Zun Lu push near small penalty area shoot door of far lays bare, first record. Qieerxi team 1: First half of 0 banner ends.

Full-court of champion of Liverpudlian super cup answers put: Click watch

The second half just began Liverpudlian bishop to drill Keluopu uses Feierminuo to change next first half to behave not the Chamberlain

of beautiful, this one substitution is very fast effects. The 48th minute, general of the base of a fruit of horse of Liverpudlian team rear guard passes ball condole to Qieerxi forbidden zone, feierminuo is inserted in time go up to move the ball to the teammate horse on the right side of with sufficient needle inside, although Qieerximen resists triumphant handkerchief spare no effort, still be ball control inside the horse below the foot, shoot Buddhism easily to break even score. Qieerxi has a goal twice to because offside is prevenient,all be blown to disable inside time of group convention game, bilateral with 1: The score of 1 enters the contest when adding.

The 95th minute, the horse is immanent and left-wing launch attack, after the bottom below understand tacitly of phenanthrene Er Mi Nuo receives a ball to attract full back of the other side to defend, answer knock had run into Qieerxi inside the horse of team forbidden zone, the Senegal star that defends without people's air defense is pushed easily shoot excommunicate, adapt score into 2: 1. After 5 minutes, liverpudlian door attacks Adelian to cut Er inside forbidden zone forward Abraham is sentenced to order a ball on the west, if fixed fire cheats Riniao,move into one's husband's household upon marriage will notch, pullback both sides same scratch line.

In nodding ball big fight, before both sides 9 times shoot is punished entirely in, come on the stage finally advocate punished Qieerxinian is light player Abraham tries to make the way in goal, be blocked to go out with the foot by Adelian. Final Liverpudlian team 5 punish 5 in, qieerxi team 5 punish 4 in the regret loses.

Contest hind is Liverpudlian advocate handsome Keluopu is very glad, he goes straight towards goal field madly to embrace the door to install A Deli, accepting what Adelian still sings loudly when interviewing song.

Liverpudlian after gain the championship advocate handsome Keluopu goes straight towards strong goal field madly all the way, fist of ceaseless still brandish is celebrated. Liverpudlian player people mix attack the Adelian of crucial point ball is embraced, and before Keluopu's coach also goes up with the player people celebrate together. And when BT sports is accepted to interview after contest, keluopu is the song that agitato sings loudly Adelian more, look to put flying ego thoroughly.

Keluopu is a coach that is full of passion all along, he often was mixed after triumph in the past player people celebrate together. Reduce the competition with conquer Nuo rare dimension absolutely in field of Liverpudlian 2016 guest, keluopu ever rushed to be celebrated together to the Lalana of the goal, the glasses that as a result he wears is bumped to fall bad on the ground, what also become Keluopu to celebrate then is classical one act. And carry off this after European super cup, keluopu performed the good play that long-distance long-range raids celebrates again.

To Keluopu this is planted excited behavior, fan people also make a comment in succession. I bet you also can want and he may be very happy, obstinate like him, but how can you love him? , I am graceful couplet fan, the Ying Chao's coach that nevertheless I like most

is Keluopu, Keluopu it is a legend, I do not support Liverpudlian, but I do not understand why to be met somebody does not like him, people also likes him in the dark, just was fed up with him to become us advocate handsome.

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