What mascot of 2019 basketball world cup calls the dream child duck of Beijing lion thunder is him

Opening ceremony of world cup of male 2019 basket swims in the country central water cubic metre is held grandly, of mascot dream child the performance wins universal applause. Reporter of new capital newspaper is exclusive a few days ago special interview of the dream child Hao Weixiang of the person that act, listen to him to relate mascot backstage story.

Become attached to

Had performed a dream last year child

Of the dream child whistle is loud, literary performance begins. The opening ceremony August 30, mascot of current world cup of the dream child it is one of window undoubtedly. Wear a jacket, wear headgear, hao Weixiang of the person that act is this part

infuse truly the soul.

Who to let had accepted a so important role? Group of literary show director received the opening ceremony to recommend person selected not less. And designing a dream child Brazilian stylist in the eye, sunshine of 1.91 rice, figure still can spend height the Hao Weixiang of type basketball is this person selected. Plus the Beijing head steel that he acts duck of thunder of male basket mascot and country install the Beijing lion of the team to love by fan, director group is knocked finally decided this Beijing boy.

This is Hao Weixiang first time with the dream child the performance of opening ceremony of male basket world cup that the identity participates in global direct seeding, but he tells new capital newspaper reporter, of oneself and dream child actually early be acquainted. During preelection of area of world cup Asia was surpassed last year, be in Shenzhen, of the dream child the stereo dynamic figure after be being released formally first the whole world appears, I am acted.

This year July the middle ten days of a month, international basket couplet wanted my connection way, say group of opening ceremony director, what act a dream certainly by me is receive after a few days child message. Hao Weixiang says frankly, in the day that await, expecting to had accepted this job in the heart. When getting the message says to let me act, state of mind is quite quiet still, because have self-confidence to his ability, feeling impossible is not me.


Fathom behavioral detail countless times

Begin from August 16, hao Weixiang is garrisoned formally program series rehearse, began to be everyday between hotel and water cubic metre the life of 2.1 line, had returned the home 9 times, also be to clean of the dream child suit.

Before belt makeup rehearses, other item actor is doing not have outfit requirement, but Hao Weixiang shows up everyday, must change completely as the dream child, because there is lifting platform on arena, still have steps leading up to a house, do not wear the place that suit visits thoroughly, after putting on suit, the likelihood looks not clear, to get used to the each pace on arena, I cannot element body rehearses. In the opening ceremony that day, he is the complete set luggage with dress fuggy massiness more, with each actor group photo, it is whole group the person of the last knock off.

Opening ceremony performance was accepted twice examine, present the integral effect that give for the first time not ideal, be thought paragraphic and insufficient clarity. Subsequently, whole act flow undertook altering greatly, paragraphic the changeover You Mengzhi between child will finish, the union of the element of more outstanding basketball and Chinese culture. All among string together the program of field to be expunged completely, let myself a person comes. Final authority sees, the ball that will taking cheering squad on first time jumps a paragraph of dance, come up the 2nd times direct lamplight is beautiful, coming up the 3rd times is to follow band have one interactive, come up the 4th times taking full-court audience to introduce to atmosphere together. Of the dream child every time comes on the stage the show that had different form, to leave one stage the performance makes bedding. Hao Weixiang is fathommed through countless, practice, let oneself as far as possible each movement detail is accomplished, presented wonderful performance finally, get with all possible means reputably.


Duck of Beijing lion thunder is him

Hao Weixiang says, the person that knows him name is not much. Mention nevertheless thunder duck and Beijing lion everybody suddenly be enlightened: It is you so!

CBA2015-2016 sports season, the person be acted formerly of thunder duck cannot continue to hold the position of this one part because of body reason, hao Weixiang is worn with fire fighting identity remove this to cover luggage, make this one figure more deep enter popular feeling. The person that I am acted as thunder duck for the first time appears in 5 to loosen, it is Beijing heart is compared, still be in in cloth of that moment horse a steel group. Trial assembly hind begins to follow cheering squad rehearse the following day, then the 3rd day night with respect to the match. Before thunder duck, hao Weixiang did not act the experience of mascot, xiang Shougang club recommends the header of the team of beautiful type basket that he is in, he just is holding the state of mind that goes trying in the arms, did not think of this body is dressed up wear spent 4 sports season. Not only during sports season, also file form of the transhipment of through cargo of thunder duck, performance at ordinary times, how to interact with fan, do what kind of movement to be able to let everybody like. I feel, still basically be me what what do is a few move that Beijing child can make at ordinary times, can suffer quite so approbate.

Last year after the world cup, the country installed a club to collect brand-new mascot Beijing lion. The thunder duck figure as a result of Hao Weixiang is thorough between capital fan popular feeling, the country installs a respect to decide to also hand in Beijing lion to his hand. The person that has a club suddenly will contact me, figure of lion saying Beijing has two manuscript, let me saw which one edition suit to be dressed up as mascot more in the past. To be versed in body looks as a child, this kind feels even if come happily too suddenly: Like to play basketball, install to have deep love for a country again, can stand in with two team that represent this city nowadays same

a competition ground, I like competition ground, although oneself do not have a law to become a professional, but can mount competition ground through such means, was full of honorary feeling to me.


Not be to wing effort can act

Hao Weixiang believes everything wants effort, intention to succeed certainly only. From become thunder duck to begin, he himself searchs the mascot culture that studies 5 big league matches and NBA, the every time show that lets oneself is accomplished best. After I return my anteroom only, ability picks next headgear, in the complete figure that or is mascot before the public, or is me myself, these mascot that are in abroad are custom in culture. See the mascot in television relay is attendant the edge drinks water with respect to pick off headgear, corridor of present perhaps house is carrying headgear to go, he should plaint, we still are differred very far in the development of this respect.

The mascot of team is not to wing effort can act, should have deep love for sports above all, know a ball. In my eye, mascot is the figure of team, have vitality. I feel all the time, all mascot that I act are my friend. When I act it, resembling is the friend that follows me.

After the opening ceremony demonstrates an end, hao Weixiang is bringing a dream child turn 5 pines, in begin the show between the section has on battle. Later, he hurries off to Shanghai together with the teammate of team of beautiful type basketball again, in American male basket and Turkey team game in rest perform expert too extremely basketball.

Hao Weixiang discloses, can be already basic certainly at present during next year Spring Festival head for Dalasi to go alone of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct advocate have a show, to China from CBA male basket competition ground arrives again NBA, I also am reach the world again to the whole nation from the place, one pace gets admissive, oneself also experienced practice of every time all previous to get grow and ascensive, also be the brushstroke fortune in life.

Interview and write / Liu Chen of reporter of new capital newspaper

Original title: Make friend with mascot responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling