Shanghai surpasses force to overcome Guangzhou Shenzhen before season of male basket Cba 100: 77 get the better of Sichuan greatly

Guiyang of Xinhua News Agency on October 17 report on October 17, the contest before season of cup of yellow fruiter of leagu

e matches of CBA of 2019-2020 sports season opens contest in Guizhou Anshun. In two competitions that had that day, shanghai male basket 92: 84 defeat Guangzhou male goal, shenzhen male basket 100: Male basket of 77 conquer Sichuan, in pairs obtains make a good beginning.

As we have learned, the contest before season is in this second CBA how to be arranged hold, it is match of basketball of Chinese top level walks into Guizhou for the first time. In by a definite date in match of 3 days, shanghai team, Guangzhou team, Sichuan team and Shenzhen team will catch pair of fight closely, bring 6 competitions for fan.

First match that day is opposite a both sides for Shanghai team and Guangzhou team. The match begins, line of Shanghai team inside and outside blossoms, rate is so preferential that rate precede, with 28: 16 ends the first.

The 2nd match, get warm again after a cold spell of Guangzhou team feel, rain had 3 minutes below exterior line, hit 12: The Xiaogao of 4 is wet, force Shanghai team to request suspension. Suspend coming back, shanghai team seeks a perception gradually, recapture lead dominant position afresh. Battle of half of a game or contest stops, shang

hai team 49: 34 banner.

Yi Bian again battle, guangzhou team reinforced the contention of planted agent, will divide difference to narrow to 10 minutes. Minor details match, shanghai team is mixed by right of dovish aggression defend firmly, what maintaining 10 minutes or so all the time is banner. Final, shanghai team 92: 84 defeat Guangzhou team, results make a good beginning.

The 2nd match that day undertakes between Sichuan team and Shenzhen team. Team of first half Shenzhen with 58: 41 banner.

The 3rd comes up Shenzhen team hits 11: The Xiaogao of 4 is wet, cent difference is pulled open, sichuan team requests suspension. This section match returns remnant 3 minutes when 50 seconds, shenzhen team congratulate hopes to hit the target 3 minutes rather, cent difference is pulled open.

The 4th both sides enters training time. Final, shenzhen team 100: 77 defeat Sichuan team, results is gotten the better of greatly. (reporter Zheng Minghong, Jiang Cheng)

Original title: CBA Ji Qian surpasses: Shanghai force overcomes Guangzhou, shenzhen gets the better of Sichuan responsibility editor greatly: Li Xiaoling