Jeff of Wei of heart of plum of Parisian master game loses a ball very regret to expose to the sun negative charge of match much body is big

Parisian Great Master surpassed the match the 2nd round 2019 in, husband of heart of plum heart dimension defeats the Cha Di that fights in mainland to be patted

with 6-4/2-6/4-6, terminative the individual record that takes 6 matches finals repeatedly.

At the beginning I got angry ten minutes, but I understand this is life later, life has namely win have be defeated. This is the match only, we know Cha Di level is very high also, I have a lot of opportunities in the match, still be some regrets so, adversary tried to seize an opportuni

ty, so he won this contest.

Sometimes you cash dot of 20 broken hair two, you won this contest, this is not what rare miracle, this is life, I fear to fail, because I am fed up with failure, but I had looked ahead now.

After Shanghai gains the championship, husband of heart of plum heart dimension skipped the game of Moscow and Vienna, won fetlock achieve to be broken? Husband of heart of plum heart dimension replies: Perhaps, but I cannot play 35 games one year, I must take the body seriously, I know the choice of I and group is correct.

Although I was defeated, I also regard it as experience, cha Di expresses: In whole match, there is tactics in my brain, dedicated all the time at implementing tactical strategy, never shake, this is the reason that I win victory.

When you and high level adversary fight each other, you need to take out optimal level, the broken hair that appears in the match nods me to be hit very well, so adversary is in meet at this moment very depressed, and my instead state of mind is better.

This is my last station match this year, I am behaved in a few matches now pretty good, although was defeated in a few stirring matches, but also played a few very good games, there can is such show in last station match is too good really.

Original title: Mei Dewei Jeff: Negative charge of body of very vexed and too much match is big after losing a ball responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling