North accuses key of Fujian of win by a narrow margin to rely on foreign aids Fugefuge Fujian of changeover of 40 minutes of deadly 3+1

On December 9, convention of CBA of 2019-20 sports season is surpassed the 15th round, fujian team advocate the match that meets north head-on to accuse takes the lead in battle. This is Fujian team Xin Shuaikai drops the 2nd game after assuming office. Team of first half Fujian continued to get on to get the better of the good performance of Shanghai team greatly, banner enter the 3rd 7 minutes. But foreign aids Si Dade strides Er to begin to be driven out to come on the stage because of violating body the 2nd times to foul in the 3rd. And north accuses foreign aids to not case makes 7 bank all-pervasive expression of 6 secondary attack, help north accuses changeover declining tendency, fujian of conquer of guest field 105-100.

Beijing time on December 9, CBA the 15th round take the lead in battle, fujian male basket advocate meet north head-on to accuse male basket. North accuses to rely on to not the crucial 3+1 of case, beat Fujian finally with 105-100 changeover, the Xiaosi of Fujian team is driven out the 3rd times because of violating body 2 tim

es to foul.

Technical statistic:

Fujian: 25 minutes of 11 backboard, lawson 29 minutes of 11 secondary attack, xiaosi 8 minutes of 5 backboard, old Lin Jian 14 minutes.

North accuses: Not case 40 minutes of 7 backboard 6 secondary attack, sang Ni 12 minutes of 8 backboard, sun Yue 10 minutes of 7 backboard

6 secondary attack, wang Shaojie 10 minutes, thompson 17 minutes of 11 backboard.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling