Anger of both sides of whole journey of exposure of detail of neck of Zheng Zhi of Li Shenglong clutch is very great

On November 23 19:35, 2019 in exceed league matches the 28th round the match that Guangzhou constant cleans out the

harbor on treasure and Shanghai greatly, undertake in stadium of Guangzhou the Milky way, constant is big final 2 than 0 get victory. Both sides erupts for many times in the match skirmish, advocate cutting into parts also is ceaseless show yellow shop sign to both sides.

The 74th minute, on the bottom below right way passes Li Shenglong of harbor song god in, zheng Zhi falls down put a shovel, after Li Shenglong passes decline ground, right leg walks in fall down on the foot of the Zheng Zhi that shovels a ball, li Shenglong foot twisted anguish to fall down. After that constant breaks a ball greatly, but advocate cut into parts blow stop the race, sentence next on the free kick before harbor bottom line.

Right now, a Nao holds Wei Ji in the palm to foul this greatly to constant special dissatisfaction, with Liu Dian wait for person happening to conflict, zhang Xiuwei also joins battle group. The Yi that take an examination of carry on holds Wei Ji, Zhang Xiuwei in the palm to give a piece of yellow shop sign to appease disturbance each to A Nao, this is Benchangbisaidi 2 conflict.

In A Nao and Liu Dian, in the process that Zhang Xiuwei conflicts, zheng Zhi moves toward the Li Shenglong that fall down, latter sits in him signal of the Xiang Zhengzhi on the ground crural sprain, next Li Shenglong rises, on right hand cuddle Zheng Zhi's neck, but neck be stayinged in by card of latter and abrupt both hands, subsequently both sides erupted to conflict further. About the detail that conflicts this, circulate on the network give a paragraph of video. Anger of both sides of video whole journey is very great.

Original title: : of exposure of detail of conflict of battle of Shanghai of another name for Guangdong Province? V steals Hun  ? to strike back goodness responsibility edits snarl tradition: Li Xiaolin