Beijing time on December 1 15:00, 2019 in exceed league matches to fall next heavy curtain, the Guangzhou constant that captain Zheng Zhi leads is big, be without be concerned about in advocate beat Shanghai greenbelt explain flower, with 23 get the better of 3 smooth 4 negative, accumulate achievement of 72 minutes, after one year is being lain between when, seize league matches champion again. This is Guangzhou constant not only the 8th coronal in carrying class league matches on the head greatly, also be career of team spirit Zheng Zhi's individual likewise the 10th in exceed champion, arrival is not had after unprecedented of it may be said.

Before this field is surpassed, constant big club also is 39 years old of senile Zheng Zhi, fill did 300 souvenir ceremony, as the Zheng Zhi that was born 1980, already it may be said is medium the evergreen tree that exceeds competition ground, he is having greatly in constant not only lift sufficient be like small position, before this in the country that the skin teachs is sufficient in, also acting important role likewise.

In fact, long-term since, be in in the argument that transcends competition ground to go up to all the time the person that get Zheng Zhi takes champion. The first year of an era or the reign of an emperor exceeds in 2004 sports season, year only Zheng Zhi of 24 years old leads Shenzhen treasure of be good at force obtains first in exceed league matches champion, 2005 sports season, zheng Zhi joins in Shandong Lu Neng, in first sports season of Lu Neng, although league matches competition is medium not enemy Dalian, but in inferior the 6 battle in the coronal are gotten the better of completely thereby the group gives a clue, also be Shandong Lu Neng is in up to now inferior the best achievement in coronal group contest.

After this 2006 sports season, zheng Zhi guides Shandong Lu Neng to obtain in exceed and sufficient assist the double coronal king of the cup, aid chief overlord exceeds to go up in pushing. Zheng Zhi also open Ying Lun leaves foreign career 4 of 3 islands years.

Zheng Zhi returned to domestic competition ground 2010, after force aids constant favorable opposition to exceed a success, 2011 sports season come 2017 sports season, constant group of Zheng Zhi never will fall by league matches champion, champion of 7 league matches turns up his nose at a large number of heroes, also established Zheng Zhi Zaiheng big the most brilliant times.

Although fail,continued to hold a title last year 8 coronals king, but only ups and downs a sports season, champion exceeds in can be being seized again instantly, zheng wisdom it may be said comes in constant big take credit to oneself Wei. Even for a time when integral is nervous, constant big group lets Zheng Zhi had received ferula of purpose.

Calculate on two champion that are in Shenzhen, Shandong, add put in an overlord 's charge again today, league matches champion exceeds to also rise to double digit in Zheng Zhi's individual, this is Zheng Zhi not only one the

individual's fortune, also will be the fortune of Chinese football likewise.

And to Zheng Zhi, still can get the pleasure of kickball, the experience that still can depend on oneself and ability help team, the 3 riverside that in doing, exceed know fine, probably this is constant big fan, and even the setting that countrywide fan sees gladly.

Original title: Greeting legend! Individual of Zheng wisdom behead the 10th in exceed champion to become football responsibility of the 1st person edits: Ceng Shaolin