Sha child inaccuracy will surely be denied again battle 5 coronals king wants vole of 2021 bay nets retired

Bay net vole continued 2020 female thin first-run dispute, sara wave child is over defeat Weijiji, in the press conference after contest to next year whether again the topic of battle bay net, this vole champion did not give out immediate result, but emphasize oneself also knowing whether appeared 2021 bay net, a year of late unripe what cannot forecast.

The qualification gets stuck outside depending on, sha child is able to appear this year bay net, first-run nevertheless suffer Wei Jiji sweep anything away, this also is Sha child successive 3 vole are first-run a bureau, and his rank after this bay net loses a ball will drop to 350 above. Contest hind asks to whether can return Melbourne park 2021 when the reporter, sha child say: I do not know, I do not know, the meeting after I forecast 12 months very hard produces what thing.

This before bay net champion is right future a few months even a few weeks foreground, as much special faintness, to before long the plan gives fight in the future which match, sha child say: Truth fact says, I can give you the answer, I just do not know, I had not thought the program henceforth is arranged now.

I do not know I still can come bay net match, I am very lucky, acknowledgment match chief inspector can give me this piece outside card, make I can be become this year a of bay net match, but I cannot tell you, 12 months have future what accident is unripe. And to the rank glide point-blank, sha child expresses and not quite care about, I hit 78 matches last year, so I did not consider this issue seriously, those who make me depressed

is, I did not play too much game, major while got hurt, you know, I must go in this consideration.

Although play away match, dan Sha child rejects to take right shoulder problem to should be defeated by ball excuse, because how injury struggles,I can tell about me, return the problem of injury having a shoulder, but this and my disposition nots agree with, although the situation is difficult, I still completed the race, just, although I train hammer and tongs, can not show training level come out, this is not the way that I want.

Mention Wociniyaji retire, sara wave child also nods an as

sist to Wo Ci, she experiences career of very marvellous profession, nevertheless she chooses to be in after experiencing tough winter model, hit two stations match to leave again network circles, this is really mysterious.

Original title: Will surely be Sha child inaccuracy denied again vole of battle bay net is 5 coronals king about to retire? Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling