Abstruse meeting cancels Tokyo incomplete hard ground ball checks contest to cancel match reason to be concerned with epidemic situation

Electric Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee announced Tokyo of Xinhua News Agency 20 days on Feburary 20, get virus of new-style coronal shape the influence of pneumonic epidemic situation, former on the Tokyo damage that ho

lds next week abstruse meeting hard ground ball checks contest to cancel, this is abstruse meeting test surpasses the first Olympic Games that suffers epidemic situation influence to cancel and damage.

Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee says in a statement that published that day, cancelling the match to be not is their decision, make by Japanese incomplete Olympic committee however. Japanese incomplete Olympic committee informs us, this match is laid aside temporarily, make the final decision that holds again till them.

Hard ground ball tounament comes to there was bright gymnastics house to hold in Tokyo on March 1 on Feburary 28 formerly, 10 countries and area will expedite an athlete to take part in the match, hong Kong of Korea, China and Slovak team are some earlier time has expressed to quit the race. Having bright gymnastics house is the place that the Olympic Games holds gymnastic contest, although hard ground ball is incomplete abstruse meeting project, but the effect that there also is test gymnastics house to run a condition in this place match.

Tokyo Olympic Games Organizing Committee announces at the same time, the contest climbing rock that holds to 8 days on March 6 formerly will not be affected, this match will be the contest of test of the first Olympic Games that since epidemic situation erupts, holds. Additional, the Olympic Games Organizing Committee still announced to welcomed the plan of fire of Olympic Games emper

or on March 20 that day, look torch relay also won't be affected temporarily. (reporter prince river)

Original title: Tokyo incomplete abstruse hard ground ball checks contest to cancel to suffer epidemic situation first times to affect match responsibility editor: Li Xiaoling