Lake person beats flier video whole journey to answer put Zhanmusi 37 minutes to thank faithful pink to support

Beijing time on March 9, lake person is in flier of conquer of guest field 112-03, beat a strong opponent to be like hart flier continuously, angry to lake personage promotion has great help.

Lake person beats flier video whole journey to answer put watch an address: Https:// Mid=100000:54431321

Although George is mixed Lainade together 58 minutes, but Davis gets cent and 8 30 bank, le Bulang gets 7 28 cent, backboard and 9 secondary attack, the second half of their rate team sends force to exceed instead and establishment dom

inant position, lake person group defeats team of los angeles flier with 112-103 in guest field (43 get the better of 20 negative) . Sports season of lake person group head get the better of flier team, they are taken 4 Lian Sheng, of flier team 6 Lian Sheng by terminative.

Le Bulang 17 cast 7 in take 9 secondary attack of below 28 minutes of 7 backboard, be in after contest be asked about when why can holding so good position, he says: I also do not know. I feel him condition is first-rate, no matter be the body or spirit. I know, this is my responsibility, must guide team advancement, create an opportunity for teammate, inc

entive they.

In be asked about go actively counterpoint defends alphabetical elder brother, Lainade when these younger giant stars, le Bulang says: We had this weekend in the past had discussed, teammate hopes I so do, I am about to assume a responsibility.

Meet two top class match, what what we think is the strength that retains, carry out tactics well, reduce error, reasonable skill. He says.

Le Bulang is latter special also attention and lake person fan are interactive, should know to go up the contest after person of sports season lake did not enter season, many los angeles fan and media are criticizing him. He is apparent nowadays already changeover evaluation, conquer is the same as flier of city deadly enemy, make sentiment of lake person fan ablaze more.

Before walking along a bathhouse, he still says to camera lens: Thank lake person is faithful tonight the support of fan.

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling