Yi Liqi is strange big 4 happy event alone in Ou Guan of 4 yuan of Atlanta Shou Xiujin class 8 strong

Today before dawn, 4-3 of field of guest of Atlanta of second bout of final of Europe coronal 1/8 beats Walunxiya, two bouts

8-4 eliminates rival, promotion 8 strong! Begin only 3 minutes, yi Liqi is strange strong dash forward forbidden zone is laid, dot ball! Himself advocate punish hit the target, atlanta 1-0! 21 minutes, luodelige is passed continuously, add burst open the door of plum collect small penalty area, 1-1 of made of baked clay Lun Xiya! 43 minutes, forbidden zone handball sends Diyakabi the drop, yi Liqi is strange advocate punish again medium, 2-1 of true La Hei exceeds instead! Yi Bian the 51st minute, add burst open the door of plum collect head, 2-2 of made of baked clay Lun Xiya! 67 minutes, fei Lan - hold burst open the door of short-hilted broadsword of Rhys forbidden zone in the palm, cover with tiles Lun Xiya 3-2 exceeds instead! Subsequently inside 15 minutes, yi Liqi surprises to enter two balls repeatedly, aid Atlanta 4-3 to exceed get victory instead! Atlanta becomes nearly 20 years to come exclusive show of an Ou Guan head is hit into 8 strong Italy team!

Begin is less than 2 minutes, atlanta reverse the position of the host and the guest, when ball breakthrough is being taken to stop urgently on the right side of strange penalty area of Yi benefit contract, be blundered be in the ground by Diyakabi, should be worth advocate cut into parts decisive sentence the ball that punish a dot, subsequently Yi Liqi surprises to hold a knife to hit the target personally, atlanta guest field forestalls his opponent by a show of strength,

The 6th minute, walunxiya makes menace, handkerchief thunder suddenly corner kick is carried pass forbidden zone to be destroyed, shoot the ball is angrily near top of arc of forbidden zone of Er of all alone Lai dozen slant.

The 9th minute, luodelige receives Kongduobiya clever pass, holding is advanced in coming before field is left remove a foot to be smoked energetically suddenly shoot will be attacked by the door.

The 21st minute, the field before Luodelige breaks ball evacuation to give collimation of essence of life to pass, luo Jie of handkerchief collect rice surrounds error, jiameiluo holds opportunity reserve the left face about that grab a ball is pushed shoot excommunicate, walunxiya breaks even score, 1-1!

The 27th minute, the holding after Pasaliji breaks a ball pushs large reserve forward position again the ball a minute, dagger Mai Si adjusts one foot rub so that the ball makes a bit to shoot tower above beam.

The 42nd minute, take on the right side of strange penalty area of Yi benefit contract Diyakabi is caused when the ball is outstanding handball fouls, should be worth advocate cut into parts the ball that punish a dot is sentenced after examining VAR, subsequently Yi Liqi surprises to be punished independently in person push easily shoot excommunicate, atlanta precedes once more, 2-1!

The 45th minute, left anger is shot outside forbidden zone of the dagger in collect heart dozen slant. Subsequently, atlanta takes the lead in undertaking substitution is adjusted, dumosapada comes on stage change De Rongen. The injury stays the level when filling, strange direct free kick hits Yi Liqi the door is patted by Xi Laisen double palm.

The 51st minute, handkerchief thunder suddenly long shot is blocked, fei Lan - in holding Rhys in the palm to get a ball to pass, add mallet of the head inside plum collect forbidden zone to join a network, walunxiya breaks even score, 2-2!

The 55th minute, the Ge Xie in collect heart is passed, jiameiluo carries a body on the back to grab a ball inside forbidden zone, face about left foot is subsequently low shoot dozen slant.

The 67th minute, straight a place of strategic importance supports too after field of handkerchief thunder Huo Zhong breaks a ball, fei Lan - Tuoleisi outflanks face face each other will be carried easily shoot excommunicate to notch, cover with tiles Lun Xiya exceeds score instead, 3-2!

The 70th minute, ball passes Hart continuously, dumo

sapada is inserted on right leg explodes shoot be blocked to go out by Xi Laisen stretch one's legs. After 1 minute, the score on field is adapted once more, after Dumosapada breaks a ball, fast belt ball is advanced, subsequently the ball transverse gave Yi Liqi is strange, arc of latter forbidden zone is very so left that arc of latter forbidden zone the ball kills reserve left base to explode shoot excommunicate to perform cap magic, atlanta breaks even score, 3-3!

The 81st minute, kaerdala instigates aggression, horizontal stroke of top of forbidden zone arc knocks Fulule, yi Liqi is strange outflank left foot is smoked on the right side of forbidden zone shoot excommunicate to finish big 4 happy event, atlanta exceeds score once more, 4-3!

After this, both sides all does not have contribute. Full-court match ends, get victory of 4-3 of Atlanta guest field, 8-4 of two bouts total score washs out Walunxiya to promote 8 strong.

Both sides comes on the stage battle array:

Walunxiya (4-4-2) : 13- Xi Laisen / quinoline of 18- Wo Si, 17- division (11- cuts Li Shefu 74) , 12- Diyakabi (7- Gedesi 46) , 14- is added inferior / 20- Fei Lan

Atlanta (3-4-1-2) : The name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Ye of the base of a fruit of 57- Si Bo / 19- Jim Xi Di, 3- Luo Miluo of Kaerdala, 6- handkerchief / 33- Hart De Rongen of Ball, 15-

Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling