2020 lukewarm nets cancel to be exploded will obtain those who exceed compensate of manage of 141 million dollar how to be accomplished

The intermediary outside was being occupied recently is famous sports reporter Da Lun - Luo Wei Er explodes makings, bring about lukewarm net because of coronal shape virus to cancel to hold, because match organizing committee buys relevant insurance ahead of schedule, will acquire the manage compensate amount that is as high as 141 million dollar.

Luo Wei Er in dispatch of individual gregarious platform: According to the report, lukewarm net is in in the past in 17 years, can buy insurance of this kind of popular disease every year, a year of 2 million dollar, it is 34 million dollar in all at present.

This year as a result of coronal shape virus, lukewarm net cancels to hold, according to reporting they will be sure because of this policy acquires 141 million dollar.

Making what the person did not think of is, collect dimension Er looks this very normal push civil, in weak point transmit of nearly 20 thousand netizens is drawn after a few hours, more than 1000 netizens leave a message in comment area. Numerous netizen eating melon is opposite abroad explode related this reporter makings is eristic in succession, each airs his own views.

Netizen of quite large proportion feels lukewarm net organizing committee this buying insurance is gain. Because because coronal shape virus cancels to hold,lukewarm 2020 net is, is not to defer hold, cancelling is crucial. If lukewarm net defers held word as before this year, that is very apparent, hold just will not win gold of insurance manage compensate.

The netizen that supports this kind of point of view leaves a message in succession: This is the investment with best throughout history, the organizing committee has commercial hea

d very much, very astute, the organizing committee is a small argute sinister plot really.

But also the netizen refutes this kind of notion, they think to be in in going 17 years, lukewarm net can insist every year buy insurance, in case the match encounters accident. Coronal shape virus happens very suddenly, everybody cannot expect ahead of schedule. The act of lukewarm net organizing committee just is stand high and see far, just be true with changeless should 10

thousand change.

Chairman of club of ball of Quan Yingcao earth mat mentioned this policy last week, he says they are very lucky insurance was bought when having an opportunity. But the arm of the law next door can be done not have so lucky, they did not give high price every year in that way like lukewarm net to buy insurance, to avoid loss of a huge sum, can announce the match is deferred only hold. In addition, the arm of the law does not discuss with other match square negotiation, the overbearing practice that announces game time already was brought so that all circles resents strongly.

Original title: Expose to the sun does lukewarm net cancel to will be obtained exceed: of netizen of compensate of manage of 141 million dollar? Food crouchs editor of responsibility of? of assorted the Huaihe River: Li Xiaoling