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Piston name constellation compares Er - Lanbier these year come more than publishing Lebulang is the speech with NBA the strongest history, but did not get more or less be admissived all the time, because main holder knows, because he follows Jordan to be in the kind and enmity of player period, he is impossible that justice evaluates status of tall red history.

Recently, lanbier repeated his point of view again on ESPN program, say Lebulang is the most outstanding player on NBA history.

And he mentions technically still: Le Bulang from enter alliance the first day to be known how to drive teammate, but Jordan learned long.

Although Jordan is total champion amount is more, but no matter arrive,I believe Lebulang what time, can make his present regnant force, I still believe he is the strongest pla

yer on the history. He says.

Word nature of Lanbier caused a few controversy, but what did not think of is, 2 sons Marcus of Jordan transmit Lanbier's opinion on public affairs, say groovy way: What I see is acerbity, laugh dead.

Face in last few years the conflict about the greatest player, him Jordan is basic express what attitude from no less than field, but reporter of a lot of senior sports is in safeguard him, resemble Bill - Ximengsi is among them one of.

Tall red son published a comment personally nowadays, most propbably also can represent the attitude that tall red one party argues to this. Be afraid in future, about GOAT contend for a meeting to grow in intensity.

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