2020 leg plan F1 racing bicycle to begin to hold two contests in Yinshi in Austria

The outer net that occupy the sea (BBC) message, racing bicycle of one class equation is newest the plan that starts 2020 sports season is to hold contest of Austrian large award as scheduled, hold two contests in silver-colored stone circuit subsequently.

As a result of crisis of virus of global coronal shape, before 9 matches were deferred, f1 is searching the current situation that there is a constant change when beginning date. But Austria relaxes the competition that forbidden zone limitation may mean it may be in 3-5 day was held as scheduled in July. Can hold two contests in silver-colored stone circuit subsequently, but empty without the audience field is held.

F1 boss summarized this to plan temporarily to the group on conferences of Zhou Si, the budgetary upper limit that still discussed to move this to 2022 on the conference is reduced to 130 million dollar (104.6 million pound) p


Some earlier this month moment, circuit and F1 boss are silver-colored to be in stone circuit holds what Duochangbi surpasses to offerred to undertake discussion

F1 boss ever expressed, if the match still cannot undertake, so flat the match that cancels this sports season.

One of European counties that this week becomes Austria to be restricted to first relaxation, allow to open thousands of store, although still suggest,people works in the home as far as possible.


In the meantime, british government Zhou Sixuan scattered criterion lengthens cloth general its society 3 weeks, because the transmission of this virus has not reach peak, and France already prohibited masses party comes July the middle ten days of a month.

Original title: F1 newest plan begins to hold editor of two matches responsibility in silver-colored stone circuit in Austria: Li Xiaoling