Netease sports reported on April 18:

Now, NBA president Xiao Hua had the telephone meeting with media, talked about many relevant topics that issue NBA about situation of current epidemic situation.

With respect to the foreground of NBA intermediary heat of this sports season, xiao Hua expresses: We

have not make the time point of the decision at currently, as to when we can make a decision, still be sealed. I won't give out intermediary heat is hopeful or it is this kind of hopeless suggestion, everything what I can say quite is, we still lie currently in a place that has not master enough information. I know this very dismay letting a person, to me, arriving to all involving for the relevant personnel of NBA is same. Epidemic situation still is full of huge inaccuracy to decide, the situation with my located at present still cannot let me offer any solutions to you.

I think, we now still very plan of it's hard to say is A, b, or C, very clear I think with respect to us future is met on what course to follow, still have the factor that too much inaccuracy decides currently.

Subsequently, xiao Hua emphasized prospective uncertainty repeatedly in the talk, reiterate repeatedly current the decision that he cannot make any making clear with alliance.

All choices are placed on the desktop, xiao Hua expresses, include to defer those who finish a sports season to leave likely dozen. Alliance had felt the pressure on finance apparently, our income, from essence for, basically was to fall 0.

We also received a lot of and different proposal from each team, if even if,have likely, we are OK intermediary heat, our groovy before even if look,mode is mixed kind is different, we should begin to consider.

Xiao Hua still expresses, NBA meets those who have his run mode on decision-making time, they are in of epidemic situation relatively many sided and Telangpu viewpoint existence difference of the government, NBA has and Chinese official undertakes discussing communicating, center of the rocket before including, member of NBA celebrity hall, show Chinese basket assist chairman Yao Ming.

Anyhow, him Xiao Hua hopes very much intermediary heat, but let him give out now a date, he is not done.

I can say, each team boss is studying actively in attention, because they have deep love for this motion, desolate China say, from I and player people in light of the talk, they also are to be experienced likewise, but, w

hat face when you is human life safety, this is more than all things that our other place discusses.

Original title: Xiao Hua: NBA earnings falls basically 0 already discussed intermediary heat with Yao Ming responsibility of relevant matters concerned edits: Zheng Lili