Debulaonei thinks partner C

Luo Huoheng most because benefit is passed 3 meters tall he can score a goal

The can inside heart cloth fatigue says current football can conduct the master degree player of the ball most, so who is the forward that him Debulaonei likes a partner most? He himself gave out nowadays the answer.

Debulaonei says: It is henry probably in that way, perhaps resemble kind of

C Luo Na.

To me this kind achieves formative player, like for certain and such forward partner. I like can the sort of can sudden shift, active before the player that insert, they can provide a lot of helps to me.

I can be mixed a lot of outstanding in field player a kickball, but to me, appropriate forward just is the most important. So I can say to like partner C most collect, or henry.

I can pass even 3 meters tall in passing, c collect still can grab a dot to smash the ball go in, the secondary attack number that this agrees to will surely let me soares!

Original title: Debulaonei: Thinking partner forward most is C Luo Chuan 3 meters tall he can score a goal responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling