Ying Chao 2 recoverable groups train this week intermediary heat is cent 3 phase

Beijing time is late on May 18, league matches government announces Ying Chao, on the video meeting that has this morning, each club has passed Ying Chao at present vote, this Zhou Er restores a group to train since afternoon.

According to the

report, on today's video telephone conference, each club thinks consistently, player people returning training field afresh below current environment is safety. A few clubs will be mixed to the player in Zhou Yi the staff member undertakes virus detect, heat gives after checking a result to be able to be in 24 hours, after this plans to restore to train in Zhou San or Zhousi.

According to Ying Chao's plan, intermediary heat is cent 3 phase, after the individual trains to had restored, each club hopes to be at the beginning of June enter the 2nd phase, before restoring to contact training namely, the group that has inclusive more player train


Original title: Yingchao government: Each team responsibility of training of 2 recoverable groups edits this week: Li Xiaoling