The hearing that graceful city cannot attend Ou Guan will open graceful city appeal to fail graceful couplet attends

The finance fairness contest that is suspected of disobeying Europe sufficient couplet as a result of graceful city is regular, europe sufficient couplet announced this year graceful city club is in in Feburary future must not attend Ou Zhan inside two years. Graceful city club is followed backward sports arbitration tribunal (CAS) put forward to appeal, and this week sports arbitration tribunal announces formally, will come 10 days to hold a hearing to this case on June 8.

Arbitration tribunal of this Zhou Er sports announced future the arrangement of judicial hearing program inside 3 months, among them the hearing arrangement that graceful city club sues Europe sufficient couplet was held to 10 days on June 8. The hearing of sports arbitration tribunal is not opened to the public commonly, and the viatic limitation of a few countries that bring about as a result of epidemic situation of new coronal virus, because this part hearing may carry the kind of video conference,undertake.

After graceful city was punished by Europe sufficient couplet in Feburary this year,

decide to mention instantly appeal. Get nevertheless the influence of epidemic situation, the hearing was not held all the time before sports arbitration tribunal. People fears this may be brought about for a time cannot be in the court decision is made before Ying Chao ends this sports season, bring about the Ou Guan that cannot place sports season definitely to take part in the match thereby team. But sports arbitration tribunal decided eventually nowadays try a case program, and Ying Chao league matches also by remit to ability hopeful restored in June, this means a:appellant result to may be in before Ying Chao ends this sports season, announce.

At present graceful city ranks the 2nd on a list of names posted up of Ying Chao integral, if appeal is successful, the Ou Guan th

at graceful city wins next sports season with respect to hopeful takes part in the match qualification. Before if appeal fails,Ju Mancheng still ranks Ying Chao finally 4, so the Ou Guan that this sports season flower exceeds the 5th to will replace graceful city enter next sports season, and at present tabernacle flower exceeds integral a list of names posted up the 5th is graceful couplet.

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