O'Neil shares story of period of showing tremendous enthusiasm to expose to the sun to want to take benefit of episcopal experienced Lai by the throat in those days oneself

A few days ago, o'Neil and Gary - admire pauses wait for a person one case video communication. Memory removed O'Neil to be in Miami in those days t

he fun of period of showing tremendous enthusiasm. O'Neil discloses, in those days he teachs experienced Pat with hot a house where a fire started once - Lai benefit erupts conflict, once wanted to take the other side by the throat, later is admire prevented him suddenly.

2005-06 sports season, o'Neil and admire paused to take total champion together

in team of showing tremendous enthusiasm. However, they teach Lian Lai benefit with hot a house where a fire started at that time getting along is not so harmonious. In join in before showing tremendous enthusiasm, o'Neil has taken 3 total champion in lake person, it is the super center that alliance provides regnant power most. And admire also is to become famous to accuse ball rear guard for years suddenly, they are not so easy comply with the coach's direct. And Lai benefit all along with severity celebrated, absolutely authority is had inside team of showing tremendous enthusiasm.

The O'Neil that showing tremendous enthusiasm goes to first, admire pauses hard to avoid can erupt with Lai benefit conflict. O'Neil expresses: Do you know why do I like admire to pause? Because in those days I just arrived team of showing tremendous enthusiasm when, once Lai benefit is in drilling tactics, he is strong admire pauses shout. The response that admire pauses is, I should pass blamed ball to O'Neil namely, I ability no matter what do you say.

O'Neil still discloses: Once I erupted to conflict with Lai benefit, I want to take him by the throat really. It is admire pulled me suddenly. Admire expresses suddenly, he prevents O'Neil at that time, it is to want to start work personally actually.

It is not easy that the team of showing tremendous enthusiasm of 2005-06 sports season is adjusted. This raises showing tremendous enthusiasm at that time blast in, besides already the Wei De of swell dew ability, still a lot of go after the veteran of total champion, include admire to pause, how to hold in the palm 10 thousand - He Jiesen of Walker, Mo Ning - Williams Mu this etc. To Lai benefit, it is good to want surelysubject sb to discipline this side veteran is not easy thing. Although O'Neil has produced conflict with Lai benefit, but the 4th when he won individual profession career finally in showing tremendous enthusiasm total champion (also be the last) . And admire pauses wait for veteran to also be in team of showing tremendous enthusiasm became round champion dream.

Original title: O'Neil exposes to the sun to want to take Lailipeidu by the throat to because think responsibility of close automatic hand edits,prevent in those days oneself: Li Xiaoling