Yikaerdi turns can big Paris leaves a country characteristic data introduces Miyikaerdi

Club of international Milan football last night Guan Xuan, argentine forward Mao Luo - Yikaerdi is permanent already turn can join in Parisian fiesta ear graceful. Graceful official net is in Parisian fiesta ear this morning also Guan Xuan, the lot comes club and Yi Ka Erdi about June 2024.

Mao Luo - Yikaerdi, was born in Argentine emperor to be not the Luosaliao of the province greatly on Feburary 19, 1993, have Argentina and Italian dual nationality, forward of field bo

ss job. In Feburary 2008, yikaerdi joins camp of Barcelona green example. January 2011, yikaerdi is rental join in Sangpuduoliya, can join in at turning in July 2011. In July 2013, yikaerdi turns can reach international Milan, ever won award of boots of meaning armour gold for two times. In September 2019, yikaerdi is rental join in Parisian fiesta ear graceful, obtain a pro

fession along with the team career head coronal. (Ou Xingrong)

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