Yi Sike what level why condition glides its cummer explodes oneself reason privacy

Recently two sports season, altogether hits Yi Sike of emperor polo star into 4 league matches to score a goal only, position is very general. Why such? When Yi Sike cummer Sa helps the first gear TV program that entering Spanish country recently, also disclosed a few about the secret between them, sa is pulled express, between them one day has one-time life at least. To this, fan people also be speak bluntly: Find the reason that Yi Sike condition glides eventually.

Recently, cummer Sa of Yi Sike pulls the first gear name that entered Spanish country to be " La Resistancia " TV program, in this program, the measure that Sa pulls also is blame Chang Zhi big, revealed a few little secrets between them. I and Yisike come at least everyday previously, but after giving birth to the child, with respect to time of it doesn't matter, do not have so so much

. Nevertheless, we are more intense still. Sa pulls such in the program preach.

When be worth what carry, but have interest greatly,cummer Sa of Yi Sike is pulled, she is Spanish home the actor of little famous energy of life, be in early he is 18 years old when go out, fame is not minor still. She goes out had acted " Tres 60 " , " be like foam into bubble " wait for teleplay, echo is very pretty good still. July 2017, yi Sike and Sa are pulled, pull place to say according to Sa, when they are together a day at least one intense sexual life, so continual cultivated also harvest somewhat. Sa was pulled 2018 announce to be pregnant, a child was delivered of for Yi Sike 2019. This is the 2nd child of Yisike, when 2015, predecessor cummer Victoria - Kaerdelong also gave birth to a son for him.

And during epidemic situation, sa is pulled and Yisike also calculates going up is paradigmatic couple, their altogether raise donations 500 thousand euro, abandon

medical treatment system of place.

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