Bogeba encountered core of the field in graceful couplet hurt feeling badly, he predicts to want armistice 8-10 week, the likelihood can no more return to competition ground 2021. Yesterday, bogeba is pulled in the ham in the training of French nation group, exit national group subsequently. His long-term injury is retreated will bring bigger trouble to graceful couplet and Suoersikeya.

" daily lens signs up for " say Bogeba had played last his game 2021 probably. Last weekend after league matches ends, before Bogeba returns France, past nation group reports for duty. Yesterday, he attends this assemble for training train first. Be in after shoot, he feels ham is unwell, can no more continue to train, must leave ahead of schedule.

The right leg that French RMC discloses to preliminary check-out discovers Bogeba quadriceps is torn off, this France is medium field general must leave competition ground 2 months are longer even, his predicting meeting rests in Ying Chao's brief in January 2022 winter period hind rejoin. This sports season, bogeba altogether comes on the stage 13 times in each match for graceful couplet, did not score a goal, but sent 7 secondary attack.

On October 24 graceful couplet loses Liverpudlian race in, bogeba fouls badly, be banned to surpass 3 subsequently, and because this is absent,graceful couplet is opposite a hot thorn and the match of graceful city. Original, he still will not attend the league matches of Wo Tefu heart of graceful couplet VS, but he what get hurt nowadays need not consider these at all. Predict to be raised in Bogeba next in 2 months time, graceful couplet will kick 10 league matches (include to encounter Qieerxi and Asenna) , ou Guan wants to kick two rounds of groups are surpassed finally.

Did not have Bogeba, how should the field in alling alone Sikeya is in Er discharge arms embattle? Whether is graceful couplet met bold and flowing? But fan thinks Bogeba's injury is retreated is an opportunity Suo Shuai to, he can take the advantage of this paragraph of time to consider how graceful couplet should kick Bogeba after drop out well. Bogeba and the contract of graceful couplet expire after this sports season ends, he renews th

e contract without He Manlian up to now. Arrived January, he is OK negotiated with the team freedom beyond England.

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