Beijing time 3 days of before dawn, in Ying Chao in the 14th round of match, graceful couplet advocate meet Asenna head-on. The match is medium C collect performs Mei Kaier to spend, help graceful couplet 3: Dark accept of A of 2 win by a narrow margin. First goal of

C Luo Zaiben field, it is its profession career the 800th ball.

Match first half Smith - burst open the door of the long shot below the circumstance that Luo Zaide He Ya falls down, subsequently B cost goal helps graceful couplet break even score; C of the second half collect the Mei Kaier that perform is spent, tall burst open the door of be stranded heart notchs. Final, graceful couplet 3: Dark accept of

A of 2 win by a narrow margin. After contest, the Benchangbi that C Luo Cheng just chooses for Ying Chaoguan surpasses optimal player.

And two goals that surpass by right of Benchangbi, the number of professional career total goal of C collect comes 801, he also is career of profession of the first place on world football history formal match goal breaks through 800 player.

After contest, c Luo Zaishe delivers media outgoing message: We had considered to play a game, celebrated without time. Today's victory is very important to team regain the right path, but be apart from us to arrive at terminus to still very long way wants. Congratulate me all teammate people, the psychosis tonight is very marvellous!

The 700th goal of C collect was hit into in October 2019, portuguese at that time in field of the guest in contest of European cup preelection 1: 2 not enemy black Crane, c Luo Ping lends the dot that he punishs 73 minutes the ball, make number of formal match total goal achieves him profession career 700.

Can see, although had been a veteran, but C collect carried very tall goal efficiency as before in the last few years, this also makes he can break through the history ceaselessly.

Before this, the old rival Mei Xi of C collect wins golden ball award the 7th times, and C Luo Ye is back-to-back creation football history, it seems that, the competition of this double to peerless arrogant can continue as before.

Original title: Goal of career of C collect profession breaks through he and 800 plums the competition on the west still is continueing responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling