Beijing time on December 6, tounament of F1 of 2021 sports season amounts to circuit to greet sports season reciprocal in Sha Teji the match of the 2nd station, pass a 3 races that lose, hanmierdu takes champion of every minutes of station to take next the fastest sheet to encircle, the 5 seconds when Weisidapan is punished, harvest runner-up finally, rich tower Si Jijun, after Benchangbi is surpassed, hanmierdu also is able to chase after Pingweisidapan on a list of names posted up of car hand integral, two people stand the Abuzabi after a week to decide car hand total champion is attributive finally.

In discharging a contest, hanmierdu with 1 minute of 27 seconds 511 carry off lever, bodasi is obtained the 2nd, weisidapan is in the last gallop the circle hits a wall, obtain the 3rd finally, lekelaier, Peileici, Jiasili divides a 4-6.

Hair car: Mei Ben defends a Tian Yuyi that discharge horn to lose 5 repeatedly

5 red light go out, competition of sanded especially big award amounts to street contest to leave formally in auspicious run, hair car the first turn, hanmierdu defends buy of head fame and position, bodasi is tangent hold off Weisidapan, before motorcade defends Meisaidesi two, before 5 car hand rank did not change, nuolisi surmounts Jiasili, the rank rises to the 6th.

Start level, aokang and horny Tian Yuyi, situoer and Lasaier produced slight collision, but did not cause an accident. The 4th, horny Tian Yuyi is surmounted by Saiensi, the rank drops the 13rd, the loss has been after sending a car 5 positions.

The 7th, a Long Suochong gives circuit, jiaoweinasi seizes an opportunity, alongsuo is surmounted in the circuit later, sai Ensi also surmounts Alongsuo, the rank rises reach the 11st.

The red flag after safe car dispatchs Wei Sida Pan Cheng is the biggest win the home

The 10th, mi Ke - Shumahe bends dash against counterfort in 22, the sports meet dispatchs safe car, get the pull in on the Hanmierdu that run and Bodasima to change tire, and Weisidapan did not choose pull in. Because the fragment on circuit is too much, the sports meet shows a red flag, car hand can change during the red flag tire, this also is meant when starting again, weisidapan can send a car from the first, this also lets Hanmierdu dispatch to the sports meet the decision of the red flag expresses to pay no attention to solution.

After circuit passes repair, the match restarts formally, after starting afresh, the step is not quite good since Weisidapan, but he still cut curved card to be before Hanmierdu's body, bodasi's tire appears the lock is dead, ao Kangcheng result rises reach the 3rd, because

Hanmierdu is held back by Weisidapan, ao Kang takes the chance to rise again reach the 2nd.

The red flag gives again after sending a car! Weisidapan cuts a turn to violate compasses be punished

When sending a car this, peileici traces remaining part with Lekelaier happening, lasaier and Ma Zeping also are affected, happen trace remaining part, this interlink bumps into car accident to made Peileici, Ma Zeping and Lasaier all quit the race, the sports meet shows a red flag again.

Subsequently, the sports meet announced what cut a turn to hold back Hanmierdu to Weisidapan to punish, weisidapan is sending position of the reassign when the car again, from the car of the 3rd hair behind Ao Kang, Hanmierdu.

The 3rd times Weisidapan promotes hair car to the first place

The match is in nap after nearly half hours, the match sends a car the 3rd times, car of hair of this Wei Sida Pan is very good, surmounted Hanmierdu and Ao Kang one after another in a turn, after circuit, hanmierdu also surmounts Ao Kang, return the 2nd, likaduo, Bodasi, Jiasili is discharged respectively in 4-6.

The match undertakes, hanmierdu chases after difference 1 second less than, because horny Tian Yuyi follows Weiteer to collide in a turn, cause fictitious and safe car for a time. The 25th, a Longsuo bends sideslip in 7, the rank drops the 15th.

The 27th, laikening also collides with Weiteer happening, cause fictitious and safe car for a time, the 29th, because clear circuit fragment, fictitious and safe car dispatchs again.

Decelerate of Wei Sida Pan causes at swords' points small Chinese trace remaining part

The 33rd, fictitious and safe car ends, hanmierdu begins to be pressed to Wei Sida Pan Shi, the 37th, weisidapan is surmounted by Hanmierdu, dan Weisi spreads out on Dapanma strike back, collide with Hanmierdu happening in 2 turns, return the first place afresh.

Subsequently, the sports meet asks Wei Sida Pan Jiao returns the position, when Weisidapan is carrying out a sports meet to ask, the choice bends sudden slowdown in 27, bring about Hanmierdu happening to trace remaining part, nose ala is damaged before Hanmierdu's racing bicycle, the sports meet also launchs investigation to this accident of 2 people.

Weisidapan is punished 5 second Chinese close Er gain the championship suddenly

As a result of before nose ala is damaged, the difference between Hanmierdu and Wei Sida Pan pulls open 2 seconds above. The match is entered finally 10, the sports meet lets position of reassign of Wei Sida Pan, the 43rd, the 5 seconds when the sports meet is punished to the behavior of the turn is being c

ut before Weisidapan, hanmierdu is already right now banner on circuit Weisidapan 3 seconds.

The 47th, hanmierdu make the fastest only group, take the lead in developing terminus, harvest sanded especially big award to surpass champion, weisidapan wins second place, two people are able to divide together on integral a list of names posted up, bodasi surmounts Ao Kang in strong line hour, obtain the 3rd, ao Kang, Likaduo, Jiasili divides a 4-6.

Original title: F1 sand stands especially Hanmierdu gains the championship chase after integral of Pan of Ping Weisi tower to enter responsibility of battle receiving an official to edit: Li Xiaoling