Rear guard of border of graceful couplet legend holds Ni Dengen in the palm to die honor of data profession career reviews

Club of Ying Chaoman couplet releases a message 8 days to say, the full back side the legend that ever helped team force seize European champion 1968 holds Ni Dengen in the palm to die, die at the age of is 78 years old.

Dunne joined graceful couplet 1960, full back of department office left, it is graceful couplet effectiveness in all 13 sports season, give fight 535 times, give a frequency to rank team history the 8th. He ever was along with the team 1968 in the final of European champion cup with 4:1score beats Ben Fei to block a line, enter European peak.

Dunne still won 1962-1963 sports season along with the team the league matches champion of champion of sufficient total cup and 1964-1965 sports season and 1966-1967 sports season, also be considered as one of best border rear guard on graceful couplet history.

Career of profes

sion of this full back side come from Ireland begins the Xieerben at Dublin football club. The club also is pushing Xieerben to went up to be conveyed to his family and friend especially e

xpress sympathy and solicitude for and mourn.

Sir Cha Erdu greets to the Dunne that ask the priestess

I am right of Tony die feel distress, pay cordial lamentation to his family member. Tony is the important pillar that supports European championship team then, what the speed like his lightning and contrast surpass is outstanding unscramble, will forever by people engrave. I am honoured to be able to become his teammate and friend very much.

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