Newest match of 0624 birthday joy sends Mei Xi wonderful and outstanding a drop shot

Although Mei Xi fails to obtain a goal, but in the grading after the contest in Whoscored, mei Xi still is elected with the high component of 8.82 for this battle optimal player. Besides secondary attack Lajidiji is hit into 1 ball besides, this battle still sent Mei Xi 10 times wonderful and outstanding. Data is very important, but data is not a football is all. What Mei Xi represents, be the artistic touch of the football, this is data cannot be reflected but the beauty of the football that makes a person be obsessed with most however.

When the 10th minute, mei Xi finished this battle first time wonderful and outstanding. Support in forbidden zone arc, mei Xili is used change continuously to had shaken 3 to defend player. Two fronts fill prevent a player to be stupefied in place, do not know to should seal the Xi Chuanqiu that block a plum up or the breakthrough that destroy him even. Meixi chooses the left foot rub with clever very energy of life to shoot, regrettablly rubber ball is attacked by Simon live.

After 5 minutes, meixi came to more wonderful outstanding. It is in forbidden zone arc supports l

ikewise, ahead of chronic ground towards the left

breaks through Mei Xi. 3 defend player speed up follows him, in addition two side have one person defending Mei Xi's changing to, plum of beware of of the road in still one person is in feeds cake comparing to amount to Er on the west. Suddenly left foot buckles Mei Xi, openly intercept defends 3 times his player collective was shaken to lose heart, synchronism of god of this one act makes a person look cannot help laughing. Mei Xi fills in the ball subsequently on the right side of unmanned area, revive Yaleisi plays the ball greatly in below the case with huge space one foot slant, the Uruguayan still is done not have after the injury heals apparently find groove.

When the 80th minute, cut inside the right way that the plum came to a mark sex on the west. After the ball is gotten on the right side of forbidden zone, meixi is transverse had waded two defend left foot bag shoots remote corner after the player. Regretful is, mei Xi scores a goal today carry indeed not beautiful, this writes down shoot to brushing doorpost to fly off bottom line.

Carry besides the goal not besides beautiful, mei Xi today's secondary attack luck is not quite good also. If revive if Yaleisi and Geliciman rely on chart to nod, mei Xi performs magic of secondary attack cap. When the 54th minute, the field before Mei Xi grabs bring up the rear to carry the ball left costal region, geliciman got short-hilted broadsword faces the chance of door general. Regrettablly left foot rub of the French is shot not tall not low, fly into Simon's bosom fitly. This is Geliciman this service is only shoot, he is attendant the existence feeling that go up is approximated 0, the base of a fruit of law of 17 years old of young general that comes on the stage as the reserve even to the consequence of the match.

Original title: Mei Xi defiant: A drop shot 3 adversary disappear together! Responsibility edits: Li Xiaoling