4 players affect Lu Ci of law armour graph new coronal virus detects show masculine gender

Paris of Xinhua News Agency Tuluci announced club of electric France football 23 days on June 23, this team has virus of new coronal of 4 team member to detect show masculine gender, at present these 4 team member had been kept apart.

Team of graph Lu at present plans Yu Benzhou to restarted the training of 3 many months has been interrupted since epidemic situation is eruptive oneself formerly. 22 days, the virus before gather trains detects in, discovered 4 afore-mentioned positive case.

What at present we should do above all is this 4 team member are kept apart. Next, other team member also should maintain certain social distance at present. Medical service of group of group of graph Lu at present awn expresses Patelikefula, we want to undertake to other players and team staff member after 6 days again nucleic acid detects.

In addition, team of graph Lu

at present still got a bad newses that day. What alliance of French profession football holds 23 days is complete league matches maintains an armour of law of the sports season below congress vote 20 team dimensions is changeless, this means this sports season to rank reciprocal first to team of graph Lu at present finishs sports season or should fall to be surpassed into second cascade.

Although league matches of this armour of sports season law has announced to end at shifting to an earlier date by April, but from June since the middle ten days of a month, already much home club begins to restore assemble for training, prepare to finish sports season.

Each team is mixed to all team member before assemble for train

ing the staff member undertook nucleic acid detects. Be in 18 days, dust the base of a fruit installs law armour emperor the team also announces the member there are 5 famous people in detecting before assemble for training, include 3 team member among them detect the result shows masculine gender. (reporter Xiao Yazhuo)

Original title: Team of graph Lu at present affirms 4 players affect responsibility of new coronal virus to edit: Li Xiaoling