Liverpudlian full back stabs heart comparing county before by cateran Andelieweisiduomu in rescue

This week England football encounters a bad news, the full back Andre that heart of flower coronal team compares county - Weisiduomu is robbed in the experience when visitting one's family, be stabbed with the knife by the gangster, be sent hospital rescue subsequently. Heart comparing county divides a list of names posted up to rank in Ying Guanji at present the 8th, lu Ni also effectiveness supports team at this.

The Weisiduomu that is 27 years old out is Liverpudlian green example, can kick right back and in full back, come on the stage 22 times for team of Liverpudlian a gleam of in each match the Communist Party of China. Weisiduomu turned 2017 can come heart comparing county, become team brunt player. Last week the heart in the flower coronal league matches of 6 compares man of thunder of conquer of infanta field 2-1, weisiduomu shows scene in the match at that time, fan still is gained after contest people praise, fan hair pushs express especially: Look in me, this is one the individual's match, weisiduomu's performance is too good really.

A few hours of Weisiduomu after triumph return home town silent county of heart of a place of strategic importance sees family on the west, unfortunate however experience holds a knife to rob, " the sun signs up for " divulge he just got off make a surprise attack with respect to experience. Weisiduomu's sister expresses: He was stabbed, be at present in the hospital, injury affection is very stable, another my brother is over there. This thing is too wild, I dare believe scarcely.

Club of heart comparing county releases statement to say: Andre - Weisiduomu becomes assault of for no reason and robbed victim. He got hurt, bring about him to be sent into the hospital, the illness is at present stable. County police is investigating Moxisaide this matter, the club can support Andre and his family with all one's strength. Current, we won't any republication other comments about this matter.

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re to " the sun signs up for " express: This is terrible news really. After his team performance is so excellent, he is certain very excited, but produced such thing however subsequently, this is the tragedy of a for no reason. Unthinkable people can experience his home what. All fan people hope he recovers at an early date, and as soon as possible return competition ground.

At present heart comparing county assigns the rank on a list of names posted up in Ying Guanji the 8th, lag behind only the 6th 3 minutes, still hopeful is obtained upgrade the qualification of add contest. And after Ying Guanchong is opened, heart comparing county has been obtained two Lian Sheng, the condition of team beautiful. Of Dan Weisi much Mu got hurt to cause very big blow to heart comparing county however, affect team likely next upgrade plan.

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