Convention of NBA new sports season surpasses hassle to one's heart's content, government-owned net updated Xin Xiubang's rank, the Barnes of team of Toronto fierce dragon continues to hold get run the position, kelifulan is ranked in the Mo Bu of chivalric team the 2nd, man of Number One Scholar Kang Ninghan Mu already was ranked by right of expressional promotion litre reach the 3rd. Cease before the Glyn of team of Si Duihuo arrow and Shen Jing are entered 10.

1. Barnes (1) it is inside bracket last sheet of a list of names posted up is ranked, similarly hereinafter

Sports season field all 8.4 14.6 cent, backboard and 3.3 secondary attack

Of Barnes notch glide somewhat of late, it is the fall because of skill frequency greatly, he all glides 13.2 times from Ji Chu's field the field last week all 10. Of Xiyakamu reappear or bring an influence to Barnes, nevertheless now their absent that two people want to get used to A slave Nuo to compare. In fierce dragon team current 6 in connecting a passenger, barnes is behaved commonly, all only 10 minutes, hit the target leading is 34.1% , and field of before 4 guests his field all 20 minutes, the shoot a basket that has 56.9% hits the target rate. Mix in backboard nevertheless other side, he still has pretty good contribution.

2. Mobuli (12)

All 8 14.6 cent, backboard and 2.5 secondary attack

Injury brings not little impact to chivalric team, m

obuliyin hurts absent, saikesidu has surpassed quarterly reports to sell. Since Mobuli after getting hurt, chivalric team 0 get the better of 5 negative. With respect to individual expression character, the field in the match that wins victory in team in Mo Bu all is mixed 16.8 minutes 8.9 backboard, the shoot a basket that has 53.7% hits the target rate, and his field all mixes the race that team loses a ball 12.5 minutes 6.7 backboard, only the shoot a basket of 42.6% hits the target rate, viewing the influence action that reachs he gives team still is more apparent.

3. Kang Ninghan Mu (5)

All 6.1 13.4 cent, backboard and 4.8 secondary attack

This a week ranks man of Number One Scholar jump litre, be opposite because of him not just a lake person career was taken when the team first 3 pairs 12 13 cent, backboard and 10 secondary attack, still be in because of him of Situerte not sober when the conciliatory effect with rose very main. After canthus is opened by Lebulang, situerte wants several times to look for Le Bulang theory. I prevent him as far as possible, avoid to be immersed in bigger trouble. Say of Kang Ninghan Mu, a lot of people say I am a commodities from abnormal channel, I feel this is very interesting. To these I am met only sniff, I can make a response with expression, let us look well after all how.

4. Ji Di, thunderbolt (5)

All 7.3 10.3 cent, backboard and 5.7 secondary attack

As Ji Di hit the target rate get warm again after a cold spell, how will thunderbolt team decide? The shoot a basket of thunderbolt team hits the target rate, hit the target 3 minutes rate and penalty shot hit the target rate discharge in allied end paragraph, ji Di is in these 3 to go up is respectively 39.7% , 25.4% with 63.6% , he pulled the hind leg of team. Nevertheless Ji Di's condition is in pick up, his post is better and better, the help that he gives team is greater and greater. Ji Di with all the 21st when 11.5 times potentia

l secondary attack ranks allied and all player, this is occupied can reflect his value to team.

5. Wagner, magic (3)

All 3.9 12.4 cent, backboard and 2 secondary attack

This a week has Wagner to attack expression well in the begining, be opposite the team gets a Nikesi 16 minutes, be opposite the team takes a basket network. But later be in Mierwoji is low fan, in 44 minutes, 3 minutes of balls 13 cast only 1 in, he is prevented by the Middleton of hart team. Be in nevertheless of team come on the stage time and grab a list of names posted up to go up, wagner still is gotten run.

The Miqieer of the Sagesi of the Shen Jing of team of the Duaerte of the Glyn that the platoon parts in the 6th new show to the 10th is rocket team, pedestrian team, rocket, magic team and kingly team.

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