Mei Xi was gotten on after boots of gold of sports season

Xijia, accepted the special report that Ma Ka signs up for, spoke of wait for a problem with C collect competitio


You how look upon C collect expression?

Mei Xi: Graceful couplet is a powerful team, have a lot of outstanding players. Also be to understand graceful couplet very much before C Luo Zhi, he has suited your person is impressively now. From at the beginning, he is continueing as one used to do expression, hit into the goal. Ying Chao league matches does not imagine like us medium good in that way suit, this is very hard match. After December, the circumstance also can produce change, everything happens possibly.

Tell the truth, don't you yearn for those years of competition with the Portuguese?

Mei Xi: We already very long not was in same a competition in league matches, we are same target with the form of individual, team severally and struggle. To us two with people for, this is the thing of a special dream. Everybody can enjoy amid, this is a paragraph of good memory, will be on football history leave impress.

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