Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on December 6 league matches of basketball of woman of China of electric 2021-2022 sports season (WCBA) spread out eleventh 6 days annulus finally 4 argue, female basket of the Tianjin female basket that all has not get the better of before this and Daqing come into unavoidable confrontation, tianjin depends on 110:6 of planted agent advantage1 triumph. 91:5 of Xinjiang female basketFemale basket of 3 conquer Shaanxi, pick 9 Lian Sheng; 104:7 of Sichuan female basket5 defe

at Fujian female goal, maintain indefectible military successes; 77:5 of Heibei female basketFemale basket of Wuhan of 6 beat easily.

The Tianjin that longs to greet sports season head to get the better of likewise and Daqing begin are attacked very fiercely, two teams all make planted agent of the other side foul for many times, tianjin connects line 31:1 by right of Han Ziqi and Peng Shiqing's inside and outside9 banner ends first. Second section, daqing attacks dumb fire only part to get 8 minutes only, tianjin takes advantage of a favorable situation cent difference is pulled open, when half of a game or contest ends with 58:27 banner. Full-court match, tianjin grabs 15 rebounds more than adversary, force adversary to appear 27 times error, firmly masters a field to go up active.

In this field match, tianjin team Han Ziqi gets the whole audience 36 minutes highest, secondary attack sends while Peng Shiqing gets 14 minutes. Play away after this match, daqing female basket makes the team that did not win victory exclusively at present, discharge the end in a list of names posted up of league matches integral.

In the match of Xinjiang and Shaanxi, row field all notchs the Wang Lili of first place of a list of names posted up chops 29 minutes alone, have 10 backboard snatch enter an item in an account with 4. Guide in hers below, xinjiang hits the target the shoot a basket of adversary rate suppress is not in 30% , the 2nd is to hit a 25:7 moreonly part score, hold the lead dominant position that 26 is divide in first half. In afte

r adjusting, shaanxi female basket has improvement into the strategy, zhou Yueming hits the target continuously long shot, but cannot narrow cent is differred from beginning to end.

After this battle wins victory, xinjiang female basket is obtained 9 Lian Sheng, on integral a list of names posted up the platoon is in the 3rd. The epicycle of Sichuan female basket that arranges second place wins victory easily, whole group sends secondary attack in all, 5 people notch on double. The aggression that blossoms at many o'clock makes Fujian female basket wards off blows hard, be defeated early below blast come. Dream of national champion grandson gets two pairs of 15 backboard 19 minutes like that, become Sichuan female basket to win victory the oldest hero.

In another match, first half of female basket of Heibei female basket and Wuhan hits a good shot each, heibei half of a game or contest precedes only 7 minutes. But the error with Wuhan female overmuch basket and punish basket badly to hit the target rate make them final lose. Lan Yangxiao Jie gets Heibei daughter 20 minutes full-court is highest, lin Qingrong gets 18 bank 18 minutes. (reporter Ma Kai)

Original title: WCBA is integrated: Daqing has not get the better of Xinjiang to pick so that 9 Lian Sheng responsibility edit: Li Xiaoling