Shenzhen of Xinhua News Agency on December 28 news of society of electric China go, big chess player of go of China of cup of area of first 2021 bay surpasses 8 strong fight 28 days to be performed in area of Shenzhen city Baoan, final hold sunlighting the court of a feudal ruler of Gu Zihao of white one party, Ding Hao, Mi, Peng Liyao beats a person of extraordinary powers of Jia Xi of Tong Mengcheng, Rong Yi, girder, Li Xuan respectively, kill into semifinals.

Before current big chess player is surpassed two rounds go up to undertake with union of below the line two kinds of forms with the line in Beijing, Hangzhou, 8 strong fight move division Shenzhen Baoan undertakes the line plays play a game, this also is Baoan area holds contest of go of domestic highest grade first. Lin Jianchao of chairman of Chinese go association expresses, current world go drives ahull cloud to fluctuate in AI, need promotes spirit of big chess player, meet grim challenge.

Gu Zihao is opposite that day a Tong Mengcheng, hold white Gu Zihao had storm to the black chess of development of an isolated force, dragon of 132 hands massacre is successful. Face the card outside holding to give the Rong Yi of battle, ding Hao all the time control active right, middle disaster contends for the Suo Dingsheng after having transition bureau. In the argue with Li Xuan a person of extraordinary powers, for a time the Peng with adverse situation establishs force of the hair on Yao Yuzun to succeed, swallow take black step together, be in black step is big subsequently in fine hand a running fire, force adversary to cast child.

The fight hard of sunlighting the court of a feudal ruler of Mi of two worlds champion and girder Jia Xi ankyloses most, both sides opens bureau gain and loss to comparative roughly, in dish attack prevent have fault each again, hold after Jia Xi obtains black girder to counterpoise actively gradually, oversight the strong opponent of Mi sunlighting the court of a feudal ruler, lower part 3 child be eaten, do not raise eventually.

Such, 4 dishes of chesses of 8 strong fight are hold pass a barrier of white one party. 29 days will undertake semifinals, mi sunlighting the court of a feudal ruler is opposite a Gu Zihao, peng Liyao is right Zhen Dinghao, two chess players of triumph will contend for honor of big chess player of first China go at 30 days.

This second match is current Chinese go bound fight of the 5th title, championship prize is a RMB 500 thousand yuan, runner-up 200 thousand yuan. 32 chess players that play game

of first big chess player are chess player of Chinese go profession before newest grade assigns a rank 31 and Rong Yi of specially invite chess player (grade cent ranks 34) , represented the top level of Chinese go. The match travels by wide report of culture of city of Chinese go association, Shenzhen government of people of division of Baoan of city of sports bureau, Shenzhen is sponsorred jointly, bureau of sports of travel of wide report of culture of area

of Shenzhen city Baoan undertakes, association of go of area of Shenzhen city Baoan is carried out.

Original title: Hold white one party gets the better of Chinese go big chess player to surpass responsibility of 4 strong generation to edit completely: Li Xiaoling