null Baseball Either the White Sox have the absolute worst first-pitch throwers in all of or they're simply playing a cruel joke on the team's cameraman.We say this because the team's camerman has once again been hit by a ceremonial first pitch. Guys...this is getting out of hand.— White Sox Talk (@NBCSWhiteSox) June 15, 2019This would be funny if it happened once — and in fact it was funny when it happened once — because the camerman was hit in a game at the end of May.Juuuuust a bit outside 😬— White Sox Talk (@NBCSWhiteSox) May 29, 2019And we all laughed. That is until he was also hit in a game Thursday.Our favorite @Whi

teSox photographer is now ready for anything when it comes to ceremonial first pitches 😉— White Sox Talk (@NBCSWhiteSox) June 14, 2019Seriously Chicago, what did this guy do to you?