Everybody should have heard of rife in the life, perhaps had eaten rife vegetable, small today make up know the food that save a heart together with everybody, eat the dish that save a heart to have what what notices after all, and how is the dish that save a heart done delicious? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Eat the dish that save a heart to have what what notices

The dish that save a heart pledges for vivacious flesh herbaceous, exterior waxiness, xia Qiu opens golden yellow floret, tall 20 ~ 50 centimeters, the bine is brawny. Foliaceous each other is unripe, wrap around needle form, grow 5 ~ 8 centimeters, wide 1.5 ~ 2 centimeters, thick 0.1 centimeters, tip gradually pointed, base the ministry is narrow wedge, the brim has blunt a tooth-like part of anything. Cyme top gives birth to; sepal 5, wrap around needle form accident is differ; is petaline 5, yellow, elliptical shape wraps around carpel of staminal 10; of needle form; 5, base the ministry is accrete, radiative shape arranges follicle fruit. Its collect is viewed and admire, officinal, edible muti_function at a suit, have very high economic value. But potted at bedroom balcony, also can adorn at flower bed and; of gardens afforest area it is complete can be used as medicine, be blindly efficient and herbal; regards folk's commonly used wide chart as vegetable edible, it is a on table of 21 centuries family delicate cate, often feed can enhance power of human body immunity, have effect of very good dietotherapy health care. Make the food that save a heart, bubble gives boiled water look fragrance is sterling, long-term and drinkable but efficient restrain insomnia, heart-throb, be worried.

How is the dish that save a heart done delicious

1, bath of will tender bine, Xie Yongqing is clean, dip in sauce eats (had better be sesame paste) .

2, cold and dressed with sause: Leaf of will tender bine uses boiled water scald 1 minute, reoccupy cold water immerses 2 minutes fish out, accuse to go moisture, cut paragraph, put into container, add the condiments such as essence of element of oil of right amount salt, soy, ginger, chili, flavour, chicken, balm to mix divide evenly. Verdure of colour and lustre, edible is exuberant.

3, olio assorted cold dishes, dish bathe clean, the fish out after be being put into the scald in boiling water 1 minute, put cool fish out of the dip in cold water, accuse to go moisture, the food that distributes other and different color, fruit assembles dish of model, color, flavour, model, beautiful, have appetite feeling very much.

4, fried dish: Cut paragraph or silk, match the flesh to fry or element is fried, method and general vegetable are identical.

5, the rinse chaffy dish, dish that stew: Direct dish abluent, put into chaffy dish to wait for a rinse with hotpot, beef, chicken, seafood. Put into stewpan to wait to be stewed together with lean lean, chop, noodles made from bean or sweet potato starch, dawdle, long boil not sodden, local color is distinctive.

6, heat boiling water: dish abluent, mincing or extruding, crush out juice, put into boiler, can make the clear soup of all sorts of gust, green soup, mixture soup.

7, mincing do stuffing to use.

8, abstain cold drink: dish abluent, agitate of extruding, machine, crush out juice, add right amount cool boiled water, put rock candy or burden of other cold drink, after shake up but direct and drinkable. Qing Dynasty heats up embellish lung, drop in temperature, fall blood pressure, stop to promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid yearningly have surprise effect.


The growth of the dish that save a heart the environment is how

Of the dish that save a heart fight go against a gender very tall, vitality is extremely strong, be able to bear or endure already shade, be able to bear or endure freezing, also be able to bear or endure arid. 5 ℃ above can grow, not tall to edaphic requirement, black clay, earth of red clay, sanded sex all can cultivate. Slope forest predestined relationship, valley forest issues unripe Yu Shan, wet place of fill clump, riparian shade. Sexual cold-resistant, be fond of sunshine and dry and ventilated place, avoid water is wet, lax to edaphic property requirement, it is old precious and be close to disappeared plant.

The vegetable that save a heart cannot take together with what

1, seafood saves a heart a variety of acidity material are contained in dish, for example: Acid of neat mound fruit, ursine fruit acid, organic acid, the protein in meeting and seafood combines these acidity material, make the complexing

thing that dissolves hard next, the meeting after edible affects protein absorption.

2, Bai Luobo contains sulfur cyanic acid in the turnip in vain, yellow ketone material is contained in the dish that save a heart, sulfur cyanic acid and yellow ketone union can affect thyroid function together, have caustic health.