Everybody should have heard of gallinaceous ungual fruit in the life, so do you know wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit? Small today make up understand together with everybody, after all gallinaceous ungual fruit is OK bubble wine, and what effect does wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit have? Accordingly small make up us to learn together.

Gallinaceous ungual fruit is OK bubble wine

Gallinaceous ungual fruit, castle of original name trifoliate orange, it is a kind of Chinese traditional medicine, flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, enter gastric classics, to Yang Ming classics stomach fire fills the irritated heat that cause too thirsty have very good curative effect, still can fall go against stop vomit, use at treating sickness, know interest 2, trifoliate orange child besides with medicine beyond, still can use bubble bleb wine to drink. Of wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit

also have rife effect.

Wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit has what effect

1, know interest 2: Gallinaceous claw contains a large number of moisture, dextrose, organic salt, fat if really kind material, have fluid of stimulative make water to excrete, accelerate the effect such as alvine path peristalsis, reason can know interest 2.

2, dispel the wind knows wind: Many calcium and trifoliate orange are contained in gallinaceous ungual fruit child black glucoside, have centre inhibition, can combat faint from fear, prevent brothers tic convulsion, can use the disease that treats painful coma of rheumatism pain or numbness caused by cold.

3, stop to divide yearningly irritated: Chicken contains many dextrose, cane sugar, fructose, organic acid, inorganic salt, vitamin to wait in claw fruit, can promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty, clear heat is divided irritated, can give human body compensatory nutrient, enhance the disease-resistant ability of airframe.

4, reduce blood pressure: Wheat straw is contained in gallinaceous ungual fruit C of glucoside of of Lin of Ka of alkaline, B- , trifoliate orange, D, G, H, buckthorn is alkaline etc, have fight fat to pass to oxidize and reduce the effect such as blood pressure character.

How is wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit done

1, enter a few water inside boiler first, heat water next, put gallinaceous claw if really again basket in, evaporate 30 minutes;

2, put after evaporate is good bask in below the sun, bask in wrinkled;

3, put again basket in evaporate, bask in on 45 days, so successive 9.

4, ungual fruit of the chicken after 9 take second place by insolation, can put it in bottle at this moment, join alcoholic drink again next, wine is best can exceed gallinaceous ungual fruit 5 centimeters of above.

Wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit has what attention

The word of wine of bubble of gallinaceous ungual fruit, need scrupulous, everything presses wine of recipe collocation bubble, cannot optional, careful medicinal liquor becomes poisonous wine, the alcohol that additionally bubble wine place uses needs to notice, edible alcohol wine is flush now, media often reports recently now liquor market 7 alcohol ticks off add become or so wine, edible alcohol + flavor + sweet element + water ticks off add, the banner of pure grain of a lot of dozens of move is edible alcohol ticks off add actually, unfavorable with plastic bucket wine, wine is caustic very strong easy plastic corrode wine in, it is advisable that degree arrives in 55 ° between 60 ° .